Wednesday, 4 December 2013

I don't have full on insomnia, but sleeping for me is a bit of a task, so there is definitely something of the sort in my head. Whether it is waking up at stupid o'clock, taking ages to fall asleep, or waking up half a dozen times in the night, a great nights sleep is a rare occurrence for me. 

TkMaxx is where it's at for pillow spray. It's cheap, by a French brand, the packaging is stunning, and is only £2.99 a bottle. This is the Le Mas des Collines Lavender Pillow Spray and my second bottle of the stuff. I don't recommend this for travelling, mine leaked all over my products in the suitcase... (a smelly muslin cloth was the worst). But, otherwise, this is a must have for those who struggle sleeping. 

Then we have the cult This Works Sleep Balm which is looking rather dishevelled, with a broken lid and whole lot of hit pan. I found this is a Christmas Cracker thing in TkMaxx early on this year, so I am hoping I can find another replacement at some point once again. I put a generous layer of this on my pulse points, and go to sleep. Another lavender scented thing for you.

If you think I couldn't have enough lavender in my life, I have just purchased a Original Source Lavender and Tea Tree shower gel for when my current offering runs out. 


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  1. Perfect! I have the same problems so definitely will consider this now, I used to have like an aromatherapy spray for my pillow! X

  2. Might have to give these products a try!

    Hannah Heartss xxx

  3. wow, i could really use something like this! i'm always trying new things for a better sleep, i love lavender essential oil - really relaxes me!

    -ariel* xoxo


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