Monday, 2 December 2013

It's December. The Christmas posts are going to be getting a lot more frequent on the blog on the buildup to the 25th. Stocking suffers are one of my favourite things to buy, and I have put together a few things that are under £5 so this is for those on a budget, or if you are like me, you have spent all your money on presents already.

The first thing is this mustache mug, which I found for 99p in a local store called Home Bargains which I thought was an incredible deal! I filled this is with 2 candy canes and then a small pack of Cadbury Eclairs which are so tasty, and cost 29p.

Next up from the same store (which is part of my Secret Santa gift this year) is this Ebot Speaker contraption. This was an amazing £1.99, and basically, you plug it into your phone, iPod, phone, tablet, or any electronic device and your music is louder!

You can't go wrong with the Cosy Footlets from Primark as a gift, and for £2.50, any girl will enjoy wearing these when they are cold. These ones are the softest and warmest things ever, almost like sheepskin, but obviously not real. 

Then, this is a Christmas gift from Wilkinson which is a black wooden heart hanging decoration, which comes with a chalk so you can write on any message you want to! I thought this was such a cute gift, and it only cost £2, which is totally bargainous if you ask me. 

Finally, I have this mini manicure pouch from H&M, which cost me £1 in the sale, but generally costs £1.50 anyway, so still way in the £5 budget. Any beauty junkie would love this as a gift, as it is so handy, and handbag appropriate. You get a nail brush, a mini file and buffer, and a cuticle pusher backer. Even the pouch is handy for carrying around. 

It is all about bargain hunting when you are on a budget, and it doesn't necessarily mean that the quality isn't as good. These gifts were all under £3, which is an amazing deal and the quality is still there. 

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  1. Great post!! Those gifts look so much more expensive!


  2. never even considered h&m for gifts! going to pop in tomorrow, thanks for the recommendation x

  3. I love this post! I thought my under 5 post was hard to do but after seeing this major kudos :) loved it xx


  4. these are some great picks for such a great price! i think the mug is my favourite, seriously so cute haha!

    -ariel* xoxo

  5. Thank you so muh for this post I love things like this :) !! Xxxxx


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