Sunday, 19 January 2014

I love a good sale. Even when I am on a spending ban, one incredible sale popped up on the Stila website and I simply couldn't resist, and obviously I am going to write a blog post about my bargainous finds.

So, basically, Stila incredibly discounted tons of their products, including sets, individual products, and some limited edition items, and the thing which made up my mind was the free shipping - result. I picked out 2 sets which I am so happy with and I will be more than happy to review them in the future if you wish.

Firstly, I found the Smudge Stick Eyeliner Set for an incredible £6.25, which contains 5 shades of what is a bestselling liner. Although I have complaints about the packaging and the often faulty twist-up mechanism, I can get round it because the colours are divine.
 You get Moray, which is a stunning olive base with some green and almost rust coloured shimmer, which only shows withing certain lights. You also get Oscar Fish which is a brown liner, with some reddish shimmer in there which I adore. Next up is Angelfish which was the one I was most excited about, which is a nude shimmery liner, with almost a slight hint of greyish lilac to it, but only slightly. Then there is Stargazer; a black liner with sliver glitter/shimmer in it which is nice for a feline flick. Finally, Tetra is a gorgeous jewel-like purple which is infused with some pink shimmer to add some dimension.
These liners are truly smudge proof, to an extent which I can rub my eyes like mad without any evidence of doing so.

Then, I got the Positively Pink Lip and Cheek Palette, for £3.25 which contains a powder blush, and a lip glaze, both of which are stunning pink colours. I believe this was made to support the Breast Cancer Awareness week/month which is a lovely touch as well.

Bargains everywhere. I hope to will restrain myself now, after buying the Ikea Alex 9 Drawer Unit, and needing to pay my family back some of the money. Spending ban it is. 


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  1. Stila is a brand I really want to get into..Great post. Are there any more products you'd recommend looking into?

    Kal xo

    1. Definitely the liners! The convertible colour lip and cheek cream products are said to be super good!x

      Lauren x

  2. Haha I love that you splurged despite a spending ban ;) although who could resist! My shopping list for february is huge for when my spending ban will be over, I guess that defeats the whole point!

    Josie xoxoFashion Mumblr

  3. Ive seen thatblush pop up on a few blogs now and I think it would suit me soo much- really tempted!!

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  5. I got the Written In The Stars Palette in the sale and it's gorgeous :) That blush looks lovely! x


  6. Crushed I missed this sale! I love Stila <3 Their quality is so fantastic.


  7. I didnt get any of these things despite eyeing that positively pink lip and cheek stain but I did grab their countless color pigment eye shadows, been playing around with them too ^^

  8. I've only got a few Stila products, I really want to try some more. Should have looked at the sale! Danielle xx

  9. How did I miss this sale?! These are amazingly cheap, and Stila make up is so lovely. x


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