BEST 5 OF 2013: EYES

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Another 'best of 2013' again today. I promise there is one more to come after this, and that will be the lip installment, and after that, you can escape from me praising categorised products day in, day out.

First up, the ELF Single Eyeshadow in Pebble has been gaining daily wear from me this year, not only for crease definition, but this is the perfect shade for my brows, not too red, not too ashy.

A little cheat here from me, this is MAC Bare Study Paint Pot which I only just bought in the last month of the year on my birthday, but it is just simply too good not to include. It's the perfect base, or the best option to sweep over the lid in a hurry, and it even looks good with the next product on the menu...

Maybelline 24HR Color Tattoo in On and On Bronze. How many times have you hard about this guy over the year. There is even a little bit of pan-hitting going on in this now, and that goes to say something good about a cream eyeshadow. This, just over the lid, with minimal blending, is an entire eye look in a pot, and I blimmin' love the stuff. Expect more praise for this one throughout this year too.

The Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette has been my eye shadow best friend throughout the year. All the prettiest neutrals packed into a sleek palette, buttery soft on the lids, and blendable too, what more could you want? This palette is giving me the itching to buy the first offering of the Naked Palettes and maybe eyen the third... Who knows what this year holds. 

Finally, the Too Faced Lash Gasm Mascara has managed to sneak it's way into this post. I was wanting to include a mascara, and this was the best of the ones I own. My only gripe is that it isn't waterproof, but I can get used to it I guess, because this does some pretty good stuff to my lashes.

What have your lids been sporting this year?


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  1. I love the colour tattoos too!
    .Georgina Clare.

  2. I need to get myself a colour tattoo asap! I own a paint pot from mac but they're quite pricey & so many people seem to love the maybelline ones, I think I need to give them a try too! :) xx

  3. Love On and On Bronze, the colour tattoos and paint pots are so good for a quick application x

  4. LOVE the naked 2 palette I literally use it everyday. The colour tattoos are amazing swell, should really get some more shades. Love you photography babe xx



  5. I have the Naked 2 palette and it has honestly become my best friend. I love experimenting with different combinations and seeing what looks they create.

  6. I haven't tried the colour tattoos, totally missed out on that one! xx

  7. How interesting that I've never heard anything about this mascara before! In 2013 I discovered my 'Holy Grail' mascara - which is the YSL Baby Doll. You should definitely check that out <3


  8. I adore my Naked 2 Paltte and the colour tattoos they just work so well and are amazing colours
    - Stefanie xx


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