Monday, 13 January 2014

I have never been one for hair care products, but over the winter break I went a little but cray for all things hair, and craved all the hair care things, ever. I obviously didn't buy them all, but in the boxing day sales I managed to find this perfect little set.. The Toni & Guy Matthew Williamson Hair Meets Wardrobe bag came home with me, containing 3 rather generous trial-sized products at 75ml each, and I couldn't wait to spritz them all over my locks.

The first item you get is the PREP Heat Protection Mist, basically, a heat protect spray. I rarely use heat on my hair, as when I do, the ends go incredibly dry and frizzy, and look horrible, but on NYE when I curled my hair, I used this and no damage was shown to my ends, and I will continue to use this whenever I blow dry my hair (which is a rare occasion).

Next up, is the CLEANSE Dry Shampoo which I generally use on my second day hair when it is looking a little greasy, and this does the job of a dry shampoo so well. Gone are the days which I would use Batiste and end up getting powder on my fingers every time I touched my hair throughout the day, or being told that my roots are white, because this stuff leaves no residue whatsoever. I can imagine that once I have gone through this mini, I will be buying the full size product.

Finally, is the CREATIVE Extreme Hold Hairspray. I usually avoid hairspray, because I always have those visions of 'crispy hair at the primary school discos', and it makes me cry a little bit inside. But, this bad boy is brilliant. No crisp, a good hold and I am loving it at the moment. Best thing? It doesn't smell like hairspray at all! I wore my hair up to school, and generally after a good hour, I will have flyaway sections all over the shop, but this didn't give me any of that for a good 5-6 hours. *claps*

After trying these items, Toni & Guy is definitely a brand I am going to be looking out for more in the future. I have noticed that quite often they have offers on, so I am hoping a 3 for £12 comes up at some point again soon and I can stock up on some more products.


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