Monday, 10 February 2014

It isn't often that I write fashion related posts, unless I am really loving something or it is really worth rambling about and taking a post away from one of my much loved beauty products. But this, my friends, is worth the post. I love jewellery, it's one of those things that I feel completes any outfit, and so I will be sharing some of my favourite pieces of the moment.

This neon necklace from Topshop has really been lifting my general monochrome outfits. I like how the neon chain leans somewhere in between a green and a yellow, and the gold spike at the end hangs nicely to close of the neon-ness. Did that even make any sense? But this is a good'un nonetheless.

You may remember if you were one of my earlier followers I did a post on my Joules & James Rose Gold Watch, and I still wear it (even though the rose gold is fading a little to reveal a hint of silver in some lights), this is just my go two when I want some wrist-action. On the path of rose gold and wrist-action, this spike stud rose gold bracelet is by far one of favourites of the bunch, and I wear it with so many outfits.

Another necklace is this monochrome triangle one which I got in the sale in Dorothy Perkins a while back and I still love it. Sometimes, I like to wear a necklace to spice up a monochrome outfit, but other times, I add monochrome on monochrome and I like that option too.

For earrings, these triangle ones from Topshop have been floating my boat recently to add a little edgy-ness to my outfits. They are rather big, but I quite like the way they look. I also like these ones from Matalan which are round studs with jewels/diamonds in. I like these for a little more glamour to my lobes (how weird do I want to make my sentences sound?).

Writing this, gives me a craving to go and buy some more jewellery... statement necklaces are where I am headed....



  1. These are all so lovely, I love triangular jewellery. :)


  2. Such great pieces. Love the triangle necklace and the bracelet!



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