Thursday, 20 February 2014

I'm sure you all get tired of me complaining about how my skin is rather bad, but it seems that here we are again. But, I know most of you have heard the story (main characters: my face, and a ton of spots), sI ove I will just get onto the product that I have found to help me out a fair bit.

I love face masks, and when one promises clear skin, I'm all ears. The Origins Clear Improvement Mask has been on my wishlist for quite some time now, and when I got it in a trio last Christmas, I knew it would be love.

At first, I thought this would be a clay like mask, but when you squeeze it out and start applying the mask, it is like a thick gel, but then hardens after some minutes of waiting, but you don't get that cracking, clay effect which I actually like. I'm not sure whether this is meant to happen, or that my imagination has just run wild, but it almost feels a little warming on the skin once it is applied - correct me if I am wrong (I probably am).

The morning after using this, I feel like my skin looks much clearer. If you know me in person, you will know (Megan knows the best), that my skin looks much worse because I have awful scarring, and when you actually touch my face there are barely and bumps which is an annoyance. But this seems to reduce redness and the size of any spots I have and then any new scars (I have finally gotten over the fact that my old scars won't be going anywhere any time soon) and faded slightly too.

I think once I have finished this bottle, I will have to buy another, because using this weekly on Sundays just seems to get my skin ready for the upcoming week...


  1. I've heard a lot of great things about this mask! My skin is usually quite good but it has its moments hence this mask would come in handy! x

  2. I LOVE this face mask, it literally sucks the gross stuff right out of your skin. I use it after the shower I feel like it works best that way :)

  3. Aw I'm so sorry your skin affects you so much, thank god for makeup!
    This mask sounds lovely, I really like the Una Brennan clay mask - its helped my skin quite a bit.


  4. This is making me want to buy it more, It's been on my wishlist for a while now and I'm running out of reasons of why I don't already own it. Lovely review, thank you x

  5. I personaly am so attracted to the packaging

With A City Dream

  6. Great review of what looks like a great productI loved it and followed your blog to read more later. Would love you to pop over to mine at and say hi x

  7. I love using face masks too & this pne from Origins is a firm favourite of mine. I like to use it once a week to keep my skin clear.

  8. Always always always have the Clear Improvement in my stash, but something that has surpassed it has to the Alpha-H Liquid Gold. Literally skin changing!


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