Thursday, 6 February 2014

The Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Range was one of those things that when it first hit the shelves I wanted, then smelt it and hated it, then have miraculously bought and now love. Slightly citrus scented, mixed with a sweet, sugary, and almost slightly creamy scent, this has gotten me week at the knees and I think my body appreciates them too (which also means my body care based resolution is still going strong).

Sugar Crush Body Wash: This body wash is lovely. A little goes a long way because it lathers really well. This is only a half size that I got in the set, but I can see it lasting a long time (especially because I alternate between about 8 different shower gels), but this one is different. The scent lingers, so when I use this, the scrub and the butter cream, I literally smell like a lime that has just jumped in a bowl of sugar.

Sugar Crush Body Scrub: I love Soap and Glory scrubs. They literally are so thick in consistency, and are jam packed with sugar/salt particles that my limbs feel like silk after using them. This one is no different. I have almost finished the mini 50ml size, and I think that it'll be upgrading to the larger pot in the future.

Sugar Crush Body Buttercream: Now this, for me is the main event. All my life I have hated body butters because they don't skin in quick enough and I always feel like they leave a sticky residue. But this, does none of that. Despite being so thick that I have to almost claw it out of the whopping 300ml tub, it still manages to have soaked in by the time I am ready to dress after using it. The smell stays for a good while as well, which I enjoy a lot.

Something I once thought I hated has turned into me singing its praises online once again...


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  1. These are regular items in our (Beautyqueenuk and I) bathroom, I actually quite like the scent myself.


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