Wednesday, 12 March 2014

If there's one product in my collection that I was so excited about on the day of purchase, but never actually posted about it until now, make it MAC's Faux Lipstick. I think I put off posting this as it is one I have never heard bloggers talking about, and because I didn't choose one of the most coveted offering out there, I didn't believe anyone would want to see a post about it. But, I'm not one for following all the crowds and I have decided to give it some internet-loving.

Faux is a satin finish, so it is matte, but not drying. It seems a touch more matte than the other satin finish lipsticks I swatched in the store, but I have no problem with that. I was going to go for one of the more popular nudes that they sell, but they all looked to pale, whereas this is a 'my lips but better' shade if you will.

The colour is a plummy, pinky brown natural colour which personally, I think is one of the colours that suits me best. I was going to go for Impasssioned at first, but then decided against that as if I am going to splurge on a lipstick, I want to make it something I can wear every day, even for school.

This purchase, and writing this post has given me an urge for buying some more MAC Lipsticks. What are your favourites?


  1. This lipstick sounds lovely! I love MAC lipsticks I've only ever tried shiny MLBB shades I think it would be interesting as a matte!

  2. This looks gorgeous, a bit too dark for me personally but still a beautiful colour.

    Love Beth | BethBlogsBeauty

  3. I've never seen this before but it looks gorgeous! :)
    xxElise -

  4. This lipstick sounds lovely! I'd love to see a swatch though maybe next time? :)


  5. I've never heard of this lipstick! I would love to see it swatched :)

    Sarah | More Than Adored


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