Friday, 14 March 2014

As my spending ban came to a close, I was browsing the aisles like no other. Luckily my ban ended just before the Boots 3 for 2 came to an end so I managed to get in on the deals, which I can't complain about. I definitely enjoyed spending some money on what I love after having such a break.

In the clearance of my local Boots, I spotted the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Timeless Black for £2 and I thought it would be a good choice for a gel liner-esque product. For another small £2 I found the Revlon Colorburst Lip Gloss in Bellini which is a milky peach-nude. The other 2 items on the makeup front were a repurchase of the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, and a Rimmel Lasting Finish Blush in Santa Rose as a lot of people rave about this guy, and the colour is stunning and natural, perhaps a new everyday favourite?

Onto skincare, I got another Superdrug Naturally Radiant Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser as it was on offer for £2.98 and I love this as my go-to cleanser. To prove my love for it, how about I tell you that this is my third bottle of the stuff. On the radiance path, I got 2 items from the Boots Botanics All Bright range. The first was the Cleansing Toner, as the whole 'chemical exfoliant' thang interested me and I thought I would start at the budget side of things. As well as this I got the Night Cream, and on first impressions this looks to me really hydrating as it is so thick, so I cannot wait to incorporate this into my routine properly.

Finally, I got the L'Oréal Studio Line #TXT Volume Supersizing Spray, as I am practically begging for some texture and volume in my hair, and from the first use I really like this, and for a budget price of £3.79 I don't think I could choose any better way to start getting into these products.

It's typical for me to have only just gotten off my spending ban and have a nice shop/splurge in Boots. Well... there isn't much that can separate a blogger from buying products...


  1. I think that's quite restrained given that it was 3 for 2 and you've just come off a ban :) I'm going on a ban Monday, am dreading it - since I started blogging more my wishlist is huge!! xx

  2. Some lovely looking products there, I've heard good things about the Boots Botanics range but never tried anything! :)

    Kate xo //

  3. Stay Matte powder is amazing x

  4. I've meant to pick up the Rimmel powder, but usually I find something else to splurge my money on.

  5. I am so obsessed with Rimmel's Stay Matte powder! It's so amazing for the price :)
    xxElise -

  6. Love Rimmel stay matte powder <3

    Lucie xx

    Fatbeautyx // Youtube

  7. Lovely purchases esp the Rimmel Blush. I like trying bits from Botanics. I really like their toner spray

  8. Revlon && Rimmel are two of my favourite brands as I love price and performance, the powder is a favourite of mine xxxx

  9. That blush is amazing! Rimmel is my favourite drugstore brand I think.


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