Monday, 10 March 2014

As Autumn and Winter leave us, and as Spring looks as if it is just around the corner, I have been ditching the vampy plums and reaching for the dainty pastels when it comes to polishes. There are definitely a few more types of colours I am looking to purchase, like pastel blues and pinks that are almost off whites - the L'Oreal new releases look promising. But, for now I have been enjoying using my current lineup.

An old favourite is the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine in Greenberry. If it was possible to have a pastel mint green, with a hint of neon about it, this would be it. The formula scores full marks from me too - glossy and opaque. Stunning.
Who can resist a bubblegum pink? I certainly can't and Ciaté Candyfloss is the one I am loving. There's something about this milky pink that stands out among the rest of my collection of polishes that makes me want to paint it on my nails every day.
Another offering from Ciaté is Chinchilla, a powdery pale blue which looks really nice on my skin tone. The formula of this one isn't quite as good as my other Ciaté polishes, but I still love it nonetheless.

One that I never stop banging on about is the Revlon Colourstay in Provence, a dusty, slightly grey pale lilac, which I slap on my nails if I can't decide what to wear - it's basically my go-to.
I don't really like how oranges look on my nails, but GOSH Peachy* is slightly more pastel and muted, so I feel like it is one of the only oranges I enjoy wearing. I'm not sure if this is still available anywhere, but if it is, I recommend picking it up.
Finally, what would this post be without a true mint. This is the Rimmel Salon Pro polish is Peppermint, and it is the perfect blue-mint which has a great thick formula and I seriously don't understand why I haven't purchased more from the line because they really to rule.

So, that's what my pointers have been loving, but leave your suggestions of what to get for when Spring hits hard so I have my fair share of pastel lacquers...

P.S - This is my 200th post! *applause*


  1. Love the pastels :)

  2. Gorgeous colours for spring time! I love Barry M nail varnishes and especially their Gelly Shine ones. Lovely post and love the design of your blog! x

    Samantha //

  3. I really like all of your Spring picks. I am so ready to wear pastel shades & pretty bright colours. The two Ciate polishes are really nice & they would look cute together.

  4. Lovely shades :)

  5. I've been loving pastels lately. The Revlon one looks gorgeous! X
    Elise -

  6. The Barry M looks lovely, I am a fan of the Gelly range, and that colour looks like a stunner. x

  7. These are all beautiful shades, I really want to try the loreal ones as well!


  8. Love the look of these polishes! I have green berry and love it, so tempted to pick up the revlon shade though, that looks so pretty :)

    Kate xo //

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