Monday, 7 April 2014

L'Oreal was a brand that I never really delved into until a recent lucky moment at a clearance bin in my local Tesco. I managed to stock up on their lip products which came in at £2 each and I can't get enough of them.

The first is probably the one product I am most excited about, in the form of the Caresse Glam Shine Stain Splash in Romy. Looking at the packaging, this seemed really glittery, but once I put it on there was a barely noticeable shimmer among the gorgeous muted pink colour. What I like about this is the texture - think of a buildable jelly formula, which is slightly sticky but it makes me want to apply it every 2 minutes because it is divine.

The other three products are the Caresse Rouge Lipsticks, in the shades Lovely Rose - which is a pretty pale pink, Aphrodite Scarlet - a sightly coral toned medium pink, and Impulsive Fuchsia - which is a brighter blue-pink colour, all of which are lovely. They come out sheerer than a lipstick, so can either be worn that way, or built up to give something more eye-catching.

I think one of the things that makes me love these is the packaging -  a luxe gold colour and  matching coloured lids to the colour in the bullet (although mine are missing out on this feature, which may be why they were in the clearance to begin with), but nonetheless, it feels really luxurious.

I feel like I may have to go back to Tesco to revisit the clearance section to see if I can snap up any more colours, because I really am obsessed...


  1. Saw that you spoke about these in the bbloggers chat and I was eager to see the shades you got - they're all so pretty! I love that the Caresse Rouge line is sheer but still gives a nice colour. So lucky you found these for £2 as well! x

  2. Rather jealous you managed to pick these up for £2! Thanks for sharing!

    Heather | porcelainbeautyx

  3. These are absolutely stunning and complete bargains xx

  4. I love a good bargain!!! For £2 each you can't go wrong!


  5. These are lovely shades, and I can't believe you found them for £2 each! I have Cheeky Magenta and it's lovely :) xx

  6. Lovely shades!



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