Friday, 25 April 2014

Cheekbones. Something I wish I had, but am far from getting, although makeup makes everything a little easier when pretending that I do, and in particular, the Sleek Face Form does a pretty good job. I have already reviewed this before I believe, but my rediscovered love makes it worthy of a revisit.

You can tell by the severe pan-hitting going on here that I adore the highlight and contour, not so much the blush and although it is a stunning colour I haven't been able to make it work for me yet, but it definitely is growing on me.

The real winner here is the contour powder, matte, not too red and gives the effect of natural chiseled cheeks. I stopped using this for a while, but once my Real Techniques Contour Brush made its way back into the powder, I haven't stopped using it.

I do love the slightly pink toned champagne sheeny highlight, but after a new love to the Soap & Glory Glow All Out Powder, it may be getting a little less use from now on, but it certainly won't go forgotten about.

On a side note though, how stunning is that model's skin? *cries in the corner*, I'll be buying whatever she is wearing...


  1. Sleek's contour powder is great and super affordable so its stands out as one of my favs! Great post x

    Jess // Beautiful Benefits

  2. I need contouring too, i have a round shaped face , unlucky me :( but with a nice hair cut and an appropriate contouring everything is fixed :)

  3. I use this combination also! The Contour powder from Sleek is excellent and such a great place to begin with I think! I love the RT brush as well! They work perfectly together! Lovely post :)

    Rosie x
    Rosie alexandra

  4. I definitely need some contouring in my life, I envy those with defined cheekbones! x

  5. the sleek face form palette looks so good, and for some reason contouring looks really strange on my round cheeks so I just resort to highlighting instead!

    Yige || Yet Another Makeup Blog.

  6. I've used my sleek palette so much. I love cheekbones, and slightly addicted to contouring!

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  7. i have been umming and aahing over getting this product for the longest time, i love things like this where you have everything you need in one place xx

  8. I love sleek products, always my go to for a cheek perk up if I'm going out :)

    Kate xo // www.beautybabbles.com

  9. I've wanted this for ages, and I don't know what I am waiting for really, as it's hardly a bank-breaking buy! x

  10. I love this palette, the contour is really good for faking cheekbones. I also am not a fan of the blush, there's too much shimmer and not enough colour x



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