Tuesday, 15 April 2014

If there was one thing I had to say about Spring beauty, I would probably express my love for the pretty pastel nail polishes, but when routing through my collection, I noticed that I was lacking in a powder blue colour, and so I was straight to the Barry M counter after hearing about their new pastels in the Gelly Hi-Shine collection.

In Boots there was a buy one get one half price offer on, and I picked Huckleberry and Sugar Apple from the collection. There is also Rose Hip in the collection which is a pale pink, but they didn't have any left of those.

Huckleberry is literally my perfect powder blue shade, and is just what I was looking for. Something which was literally a slightly darker than off-white colour (you can barely see the swatch on the nail wheel), and this is that. As always with the Gelly Hi Shine Range, the formulation is incredible, thick and glossy which makes for the perfect speedy manicure.

Sugar Apple is a mint green, which a lot of people say is a good substitute for Essie Mint Candy Apple. This one looks like it'll be replacing my (rather stodgy, well loved) GOSH Miss Minty now, which I am very happy about as that one needed a replacement anyway.

I can tell that the two of these polishes will be ruling my collection in the upcoming months, so expect them to feature a few more times here...


  1. I need to get sugar apple it is so pretty xx

  2. Love both colours that i think will be this summer must have!!

  3. I love pastels for spring, Huckleberry is my favourite :) xx

  4. I love both of these. My Huckleberry says Huckleburry on the bottom though - I assume it's a misprint.

    Jenn | PhotoJennic


  5. Every time I see one of these posts I get upset that we don't have Barry M in my country as their shades are always so lovely! I'm in love with Huckleberry! xx

  6. I love the Huckleberry shade! Definitely now popping to Boots tomorrow! Ooops!

    Fox & Feather

  7. Hey, thanks for leaving me your link during the chat. Lovely blog. Surprisingly I have never tried the Barry M nail polishes but I have heard many great things about them, will have to get around to trying them soon. I love the above shades, I agree with you in saying that pastels are amazing for the Spring. Great post! :) x


  8. I drool over these every time I visit a Barry M stand, but I just can't justify another mint polish. Maybe next time... :)
    Tash xx

  9. omg these are super sweet! I'm actually looking for a nice ice blue shade that matches my skin tone well!
    thanks for introducing just in time!

    Check out my latest posts on the Blog and Happy Easter! :)
    AL xx
    RASSP | Coachella Style Inspo
    RASSP | Easter Recipes

  10. I picked up Huckleberry and Rose Hip and love them : )

    Kate xo //

  11. Both of these shades look gorgeous - perfect pastels! x

    Danielle ·


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