Tuesday, 29 April 2014

I think the first time I ever fell in love with a nail polish was when GOSH Miss Minty* dropped through my letter box back in the days when I had my nail blog. I wore it almost every time I painted my nails, and due to that I needed a replacement as this one was getting a little gloopy.

The one I love the most, and is a new love is the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Sugar Apple, one from their latest pastel collection for Spring. It's the perfect mint, not too blue, not too green, and the glossy finish wins it for me. Definitely one to add to your shopping list.

One which I forgot about until having a hunt through my (overflowing) nail polish drawer was the Rimmel Salon Pro Lycra in Peppermint. This one is a little darker than the rest, but nothing to stop it fitting in the mint category. Also, the brush on this one is great, just a swipe over each nail is all you need, and only a couple of coats.

Last but not least is Ciaté Pepperminty, which is slightly more green than the rest, but nothing dramatic. I quite like the finish of this one too, as it doesn't seem to chip. My one peeve with this one is that it's pretty sheer and you have to build up the coats to get that perfect mint colour.

I think it is very 'blogger' of me to do a post entirely dedicated to mint green paints, and perhaps this has made me realise that I don't really need any more...


  1. I love the berry m one, i have it and i'm really satisfied :)
    Michela xx

  2. I adore wearing mint polishes & seem to have quite a collection of them. The GOSH one is pretty x

  3. The one from Gosh looks so nice! I have Mint Candy Apple from Essie but I kind of want to find something that is less blue but more greenish :) xx

  4. I'm all about the mint green/pastel blues lately! They're just so fresh and fun, I think you'd love Rimmel's Breakfast In Bed too, you should give it a go:) xx

  5. They're all so nice! I really love the Gosh one the most I think x

  6. I do love mint green, I've got a mint green polish from Maison D'anu, it's such a gorgeous, fresh colour!

    Gem x


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