Friday, 23 May 2014

For me my hair is usually the same old same old - either straight, waved after sleeping on plaits the night before, or curled by twisting it up overnight. I got into the 'half up, half down' look a while back but after seeing a video where Lily Melrose took this look further by creating what she labelled as a 'hipster bun' and remembering it earlier this week with Megan we each gave it a go and I really like the look.

It's simple, just take a section of hair from the top section (although it's dubbed as a 'half up' style I definitely steer clear of pulling half of my locks up for this look), and tie it with a thin bobble lightly. Then, twist this chunk of hair and wrap it round to create a small bun. I pull some out to make the front more bouncy and shake the bun a bit to loosen it, take some pins/another bobble and secure it into place and it's complete within minutes.

It definitely takes some getting used to, I'll admit I felt a bit of a tool whilst wearing this for the first time as I felt like I was carrying something on the crown of my head, but I got used to it and now it is easily becoming a go-to hair fix. I will say a couple of times I have had some hair well and truly tangled among the hair tie upon removal (one incident involved me having to cut a few strands free), but just go gently when tying it up to begin with and when unravelling it and all is well.

With light beachy curls I feel this could change the look entirely and is something I shall be attempting tomorrow morning... I'll report back on that one via Instagram soon.


  1. I think this is cute for a summery day I will be trying this...How did you get the little message by 'post a comment' :)

    kelseymisskfb.blogspot.co.uk/ / http://www.bloglovin.com/kelseymisskfb

    1. Hi Kelsey, thanks!

      I think it was in the post and comments settings on blogger and you can customise it how you wish!x

      Lauren x

  2. Really nice for summer - always gutted that with short hair I can never wear styles like this... I definitely would look like a massive tit!

    Vicky xxx
    Lots of Love, Me.

  3. I love this hairstyle, it's so easy to create but looks so effective x


  4. I love half up hairstyles like this, but I just look like one of the Dwarfs from The Hobbit :(
    I'm always getting bobbles stuck in my unruly nest and having to cut bits!



  5. im so sick of the people at school wearing it so i don't really like the hairstyles! (also bc it never stays on!) but honestly it looks great on you xxx
    xoxo Lia

  6. Sweet haircut. It seems like it will fit to a wedding outfit. The only thing you will have to pick up is beautiful hairpin, and voila, haircut is done. I love to experiment with haircuts as much as you do. That is why I've read a lot about haircuts at websites such as http://elstile.com/half-up-half-down-hairstyles and have tried almost half of it. Next time gonna try your hipster style:)

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