Thursday, 15 May 2014

I have always been interested in facial oils, but they either seem to be out of my price range, have things like mineral oil in them, or just don't stand out to me. That was until I received the Balance Me Radiance Face Oil* a week or two back, and I think it's love.

This is one of those products that is hyped and coveted by multiple bloggers (as is a Pai offering), and I genuinely wanted to see what the fuss was about, and honestly - I really get it. First thing first, this mini 10ml rollerball style packaging is not only great for travelling and means for easy application, it is adorable too.

Just a few drops covers the face entirely, which is a huge plus - (I tend to run the rollerball over my fingertips and then pat it onto my face). It smells very natural, perhaps due to its '100% natural origin'. It sits on the skin for a little while, but don't be alarmed - it isn't heavy in the slightest and soaks in leaving plumped skin. Even when you first put it on it just seems to look radiant.

Since using this, I definitely feel like my skin looks healthier and actually a few of my pesky scarring marks from previous breakouts (and when I say previous, I mean from a while ago and I had given up hope of getting rid of to be fair), have actually faded quite substantially. I like to use this regularly in a light application under my night cream, and then maybe once a week I go in a little heavier for an intense moisture boost sans the moisturiser.

Honestly, I think once this rollerball is done with I may have to go and get myself a full size...


  1. I have never tried face oil before, but after reading your review, I'm now very intrigued! Awesome post :)


  2. This sounds so good! I am scared of putting oils like this on my face. But this post has made me really want to try this :)

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  3. This looks a lot like the Liz Earle one I used to have and LOVED but it was too expensive for me. I'm going to try this one!
    Imogen's Typewriter. <3


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