Sunday, 29 June 2014

Hats don't suit me at all, as much as I wish they would, but as I have mentioned far too many times on here before (apologies), I am going to Madrid very soon and I needed something that'd stop my head overheating in the sun, and when in H&M this was the best one I could find that didn't make me look a tool, nor too tourist-like, positivity.

I've tried to find a link online, but I have had no luck on the H&M website. It cost be £7.99 though so it wasn't too bad at all. I'll describe it in the simplest way possible; it's black, it's straw, it's round, and the edges are rolled up. I don't know what the name of this style of hat is, I had it earlier but it's gone (and I call myself a blogger).

I didn't actually realise that there were 2 sizes of this, medium and large, until I saw a huge 'L' on the label I had just cut off, so it's a little big but with a bit of arrangement (or some bobby pins subtly through the straw), things are fine.

I look forward to wearing this hat in the heat, with some round sunglasses and beachy hair... it sounds like a plan.


Friday, 27 June 2014

My trip to Madrid is getting crazy close, and Megan and I are beginning to get into the holiday spirit, and to do so I have been doing a spot of hauling, and of course a stop at the minis section...

Being in land, the temperatures are going to be pretty hot *touch wood* and my skin needs some serious protection. I ordered the La Roche Posay Anthelios XL Ultra Light SPF50+ from Feel Unique and I gave it a trail run the other weekend, and I really like it so far. It's light, almost like moisturiser texture and isn't greasy on the skin at all. My only complaint is the small bottle, as this normally costs £16 for 50ml, but I got it for £11 on offer.

I also got some scrunchies from Primark for £1.50 in a pack of a plain pink and a floral. I thought these would spice up a simple wavy ponytail in summer. I also found the NSpa Jasmine and White Must Body Fragrance in ASDA and although it smells good, I often think its a touch too musky for the summer so perhaps I need something a little more fruity for my getaway.

As for minis, there was some kind of 3 for £4 offer I believe, so of course I had to get a Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo as when the heat gets to my hair, it's going to get greasy. I also got the Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo and Conditioner and these smell pretty good too. Last but not least, is the Original Source Lemon Shower Gel, as if I need waking up in the mornings this'll be sure to do so with the szesty scent.

What have you been hauling for summer?


Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Shoe hauling, again? New look, again? New Look have really been winning on the shoe front recently, and as I am off to Madrid very soon, I thought it'd be a wise idea to get something a little more open in case I don't want to be stuck in my Vans all day long.

I was looking for these for a long time, I originally found some in River Island but Megan got them and I thought I wouldn't copy her (although I do for the majority of other things) and after seeing similar in New Look for £19.99 I was determined to buy them . I saw them in a size 5, stupidly didn't buy them and then they went out of stock everywhere in a 5 and I kind of gave up on them. But... my mum managed to locate some on a trip to the town today and I haven't been so happy about shoes for a while now.

I went for black as I thought they'd go with all of my wardrobe, and I love that they are some sort of sandal-shoe 'cage' hybrid, as I can get away with them when it isn't too warm as well as in the hot weather. I also like that it covers the toe as well, I just seem to like the way it looks, as well as a tiny bit of a heel to make them look more dainty.

I can tell I'll be getting a lot of wear out of these shoes and if I do I may have to pick up the white pair as well...


Saturday, 21 June 2014

Cream shadows are my go-to for quick morning eye makeup, especially for school when I am running late on time. I always like to have something on my eyes, so a wash of cream shadow and a bit of definition of liner generally does it for me. I have 5 in my collection at the moment and I love them all, so here we go...

MAC BARE STUDY PAINT POT: This is the cult classic from Mac, and I bought it on a whim a while ago. Although I don't really like this alone as it is quite pale, as a champagne base for eye looks this is the bomb dot com. The formula is great and it seems to set after a short while.

MAYBELLINE 24HR COLOR TATTOO: I have three from this collection, all of which I like, but one that I love so much I have hit the bottom of the pan, and if I run out, a new one will 100% be repurchased. That is On and On Bronze as it's known in the UK, and is the perfect sheeny/shimmer bronze-brown shade which I love.
I also have Pink Gold, which I was quite a fan of in the Autumn when doing red/purple eye looks, but alone with my green eyes it doesn't look so great.
Finally is Timeless Black, which I tend to use as a liner and set down with black shadow just in case, but it is pretty longwearing. I am on the hunt for Permanent Taupe at the moment, and I have also seen 'Punk Nude' spaces in my local Boots so I hope to see them soon.

SMASHBOX LIMITLESS 15HR WEAR CREAM SHADOW 'GEMSTONE': This is the most recent addition to my collection; I bought it less than a month ago but I really do like this. It isn't a shade I would normally opt for, but I have grown to love the mauve/bronze/taupe shade. It has quite a bit of shimmer too, but with careful application things aren't overly glittery, and boy this lasts a long time on the eye.

What are your favourite cream shadows?


Wednesday, 18 June 2014

I have thick hair, that is often unruly or frizzy that I rant about more than enough times on here, but when scouring the beauty hall in Tesco and seeing this Tresemmé 25 Hour Body Blow Dry Lotion for something under 50p, (although it is a mini), I ran to the tills and took it home with me.

It's not a 'lotion' its more of a spray, but think slightly thicker/heavier in consistency than your average heat protect spray and you have the right sot of idea. It does spray in quite concentrated bursts so I tend to wave my head frantically when applying this to coat the hair without wasting too much.

In terms of volume, I definitely did see some body in the roots and midlengths of my hair that I was lacking in beforehand, and I really enjoyed using it, and will do in the future. I think one thing they could do is incorporate some kind of heat protecting element in this so that I can just this as a multipurpose one rather than having to go in with a separate heat defense spray.

The scent is very similar to the smell of the majority of Tresemmé's shampoo/conditioners and I quite like it as it smells very fresh, although it doesn't linger too much once you have blow dried.

I think if I can find a full size of this if I continue loving it I may have to buy it, but I can assure that this handy mini will be joining me on my upcoming Madrid trip...


Monday, 16 June 2014

It's coming to that time of year that some of you may be jetting off to somewhere sunny on a mini break or a holiday, (I am going to Madrid soon, which I am very excited about), and so I have been starting to think about how I am going to prep for the getaway, so why not make it into a post... Brace yourselves, it's rather lengthy.

Tanning: I am quite lucky when it comes to tanning, I tan easily even with SPF50 on, but sometimes if your legs have been stuck in jeans for a long time over the previous seasons you may be reaching for the faux glow in an attempt to avoid blinding everyone with your limbs. I have 2 offerings for you, a pretty hardcore one - the Vita Liberata pHenomenal Long Lasting Tan Mousse Medium*  which supposedly lasts for 2-3 weeks but has a lengthy application process. For me, this is quite dark, but I wouldn't say it isn't natural and it fades nicely anyway.. For something more hydrating and gradual I have been soaking up the Garnier Summer Body Sun Kissed Look Moisturising Lotion (these two get the awards for longest product names), but honestly I love the subtle hint of tint this gives.

Manicure: I hate feet, so this'll make me cringe typing, but there is nothing you want less than cracking out the sandals and having chipped nails, so you want something long lasting. I recently got sent the Fuse Gelnamel Set* but wasn't happy with the results (they looked dull and thick, and I ended up peeling them off in sheets the next morning), so I suggest opting for a good topcoat instead. Throw on some cuticle oil like this Sinful Colours one (which smells divine) and some Soap and Glory Heel Genius and you are good to go.

Body: Removing the hair on your limbs is a good way to start, and I prefer waxing as it lasts longer for me, but if not, take a razor and a mini shaving foam - the Satin Care Apricot offering smells amazing, and you should be able to avoid looking like a yak on your holidays as well as being able to sort out any patches you may have missed beforehand... we've all been there. 

Skin: If your ditching the makeup in the daytime when poolside, you want your skin to be in good condition. Get yourself into a good routine a few weeks before - using a serious mask like the Origins Clear Improvement the night before will most likey bring all the blemishes to the surface, and also use something like Effaclar Duo [+] from La Roche Posay as a further treatment if need me.

So, prep sorted, now time to scour the mini's in Boots and depot all the skincare stash...


Saturday, 14 June 2014


For this weekend's fashion post, I thought I would give my Vans a mention. I got these a while back and have gotten so much use out of them that I want to buy so many more pairs. I recently got some Primark dupes in black which has tempted me, but I think I should put a cap on the spending for now.

When I first got these, I wore them to school on a 'mufti' day, and ended up tripping up the stairs because I was so unaware of the thick sole at the front and back, but I learnt my lesson pretty quickly as I laughed it off. I do quite like the colour of these, I sometimes wish I could wear them with tights but the blue/black contrast doesn't quite work but other than that these go with 90% of my wardrobe.

I particularly like these with frilly trainer socks and shorts, which has been my go-to combo recently as the sun has been peeking out. I also went for a run in these the other day which I know they aren't designed for but they served me well.

Who knew I would opt for such a casual shoe offering? This could be the start of something new...


Thursday, 12 June 2014

I'm not an avid hairspray user, but recently after bracing the beachy waves (and finding my thick mop of locks dropping out within a few hours) I decided a hairspray was on the list for me, and on a recent trip to a CCO where I stumbled across the Bumble and Bumble Classic Hairspray my wishes were granted.

Now, considering I don't know the ropes of hairspray use, I don't know how much I can explain the hold, but I'll give it a whirl anyway. First thing first, there is no crisp with this. I always get flashbacks of my primary school discos where I went a bit heavy with the extra firm hold hairspray, but this looks like your hair did before you spritzed it on. I did use this when I opted for a hair-up look earlier in the week, and it did keep my flyaway-prone hair at bay, although not everything was kept in order.

As for the smell, things get a bit fusty. Me and Megan described it as if you went to smell the corner of a pub with some cold food that's waiting to be collected (brilliant), but I don't think it is that unbearable. I don't tend to smell it when it's on the hair either, so the smell must fade with time (unless I can't smell it but everyone around me that catches a whiff of my hair can; awkward).

But, I think for the price you pay, although I am loving the Bumble and Bumble product sitting proudly in my drawer, there are probably offerings equally as good in the drugstore, but if you see this at a discounted price like I did, definitely give it a whirl.


Monday, 9 June 2014

I'm not a regular false nail wearer, but after seeing a few people wearing the Primark P.S Love 'Fashion Nails' I thought I would give them a go. I am very anti-glue so instead of putting myself through that, I picked up some of the Elegant Touch Super Adhesive Tabs, and I am so impressed and I think this may be my favourite ever false nails mani.

The first huge plus is that the whole lot cost me £3.49, with the tabs being £2.49 and a pound was spent on the nails. I went for these tribal/Aztec print ones as I thought they were a design I would stggle doing on my natural nails rather than a block colour which I could recreate easily.

As for lasting power, the tabs are incredible. I got two wears out of the pack, and on my most recent wear, I applied them on a Wednesday night and I peeled them off on Sunday (which was quite hard to do), and I am certain that they would last another day or two, I just wanted a change.

Although you have to do the whole peel off, stick on nail, peel layer off, stick on false nail, press on process, it really is worth it as I am so impressed by the finish and how they looked on the nails (I did cut them down a bit because I had exams etc. and I didn't want to be restricted from doing everything haha), and is so much more affordable than Impress nails that don't last anywhere near as long on me as these.

Will you be trying this manicure combo?

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