Saturday, 21 June 2014

Cream shadows are my go-to for quick morning eye makeup, especially for school when I am running late on time. I always like to have something on my eyes, so a wash of cream shadow and a bit of definition of liner generally does it for me. I have 5 in my collection at the moment and I love them all, so here we go...

MAC BARE STUDY PAINT POT: This is the cult classic from Mac, and I bought it on a whim a while ago. Although I don't really like this alone as it is quite pale, as a champagne base for eye looks this is the bomb dot com. The formula is great and it seems to set after a short while.

MAYBELLINE 24HR COLOR TATTOO: I have three from this collection, all of which I like, but one that I love so much I have hit the bottom of the pan, and if I run out, a new one will 100% be repurchased. That is On and On Bronze as it's known in the UK, and is the perfect sheeny/shimmer bronze-brown shade which I love.
I also have Pink Gold, which I was quite a fan of in the Autumn when doing red/purple eye looks, but alone with my green eyes it doesn't look so great.
Finally is Timeless Black, which I tend to use as a liner and set down with black shadow just in case, but it is pretty longwearing. I am on the hunt for Permanent Taupe at the moment, and I have also seen 'Punk Nude' spaces in my local Boots so I hope to see them soon.

SMASHBOX LIMITLESS 15HR WEAR CREAM SHADOW 'GEMSTONE': This is the most recent addition to my collection; I bought it less than a month ago but I really do like this. It isn't a shade I would normally opt for, but I have grown to love the mauve/bronze/taupe shade. It has quite a bit of shimmer too, but with careful application things aren't overly glittery, and boy this lasts a long time on the eye.

What are your favourite cream shadows?


  1. Love the Maybelline ones x

  2. i've heard so many good reviews about the colour tattoo eyeshadows i have to try!
    Jennifers Journal | Enter My Giveaway xx

  3. love the maybelline colour tattoos, i use on and on bronze nearly every day xx

  4. I love my On and On Bronze, one of the easiest colours to wear ever!

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  5. I can't remember the last time I tried a cream eyeshadow, I quite fancy giving them a go now after your post! I hear so much about the MAC paint pots too they make a good base I've heard x

  6. I love the color tattoos! They also come in pigments which are a mess but soo good! Great post!! xx

  7. I absolutely love the Color Tattoos.


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