Friday, 6 June 2014

First thing first, sorry for the lack of posts, I have been swamped with coursework and revision and so needed to prioritise. But, I have picked up a few fashion items recently and thought they would be worth a share considering I have been preferring fashion over beauty recently *gasps*

In Topshop (quite a fair while back) I found this slightly cropped blue checked light slouchy top. It was £10 in the sale I believe, and I have got so much wear out of it that I probably would have paid full price. Another sale item was this monochrome jersey gingham pencil midi skirt from New Look which I paid a mere £3 for. This is from the teen/kids section but it fits me so all is good.

Also from New Look came the chunky 'cleated sole' sandals that have featured in almost all of my outfit posts recently. They were £24.99 which isn't bad for this type of shoe, and the price is justified with how versatile they are anyways. As well as the shoes, I finally got my mitts on some 'Mom Shorts' after seeing Megan style them so well, and these cost me £19.99
In H&M I came across this light boxy mint green polka dot shirt for only £12.99 and practically threw it onto the till. I know they did have a pastel pink gingham version so I may have to go back and get myself that one too. Also from H&M came the necklace and the neon yellow 'aviator' style sunglasses, each totalling £1-£2 in the clearance.

More recently I went to London and had a spare half an hour nearby Westfield and so I had a quick look in Forever 21, and came out with 3 accessories items. I got another pair of sunglasses, these are all over black with two gold details and are fairly oversized. These were only £4.90 and I am hoping the sun arrives soon so I can wear them. I also got this star necklace for £2 and the pack of earrings for £2.50 - Forever 21 accessories are so affordable.

A bit of a rambly one today, but expect to be seeing a bit more of that in the upcoming week or two as I am going to do some major shopping with friends at the weekend, not that I need anything else...


  1. love those shorts, i am really liking the mom style xx

  2. In love with everything in those photos! I need to get more money..

    Love Jaimie xo

  3. The sunglasses are stunning! I need a pair of shoes like yours! So gorgeous! xx

  4. Forever 21 accessories are so underrated, they are so cheap and on trend. I leave with arm fulls! I adore the Topshop tee too.

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers


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