Monday, 16 June 2014

It's coming to that time of year that some of you may be jetting off to somewhere sunny on a mini break or a holiday, (I am going to Madrid soon, which I am very excited about), and so I have been starting to think about how I am going to prep for the getaway, so why not make it into a post... Brace yourselves, it's rather lengthy.

Tanning: I am quite lucky when it comes to tanning, I tan easily even with SPF50 on, but sometimes if your legs have been stuck in jeans for a long time over the previous seasons you may be reaching for the faux glow in an attempt to avoid blinding everyone with your limbs. I have 2 offerings for you, a pretty hardcore one - the Vita Liberata pHenomenal Long Lasting Tan Mousse Medium*  which supposedly lasts for 2-3 weeks but has a lengthy application process. For me, this is quite dark, but I wouldn't say it isn't natural and it fades nicely anyway.. For something more hydrating and gradual I have been soaking up the Garnier Summer Body Sun Kissed Look Moisturising Lotion (these two get the awards for longest product names), but honestly I love the subtle hint of tint this gives.

Manicure: I hate feet, so this'll make me cringe typing, but there is nothing you want less than cracking out the sandals and having chipped nails, so you want something long lasting. I recently got sent the Fuse Gelnamel Set* but wasn't happy with the results (they looked dull and thick, and I ended up peeling them off in sheets the next morning), so I suggest opting for a good topcoat instead. Throw on some cuticle oil like this Sinful Colours one (which smells divine) and some Soap and Glory Heel Genius and you are good to go.

Body: Removing the hair on your limbs is a good way to start, and I prefer waxing as it lasts longer for me, but if not, take a razor and a mini shaving foam - the Satin Care Apricot offering smells amazing, and you should be able to avoid looking like a yak on your holidays as well as being able to sort out any patches you may have missed beforehand... we've all been there. 

Skin: If your ditching the makeup in the daytime when poolside, you want your skin to be in good condition. Get yourself into a good routine a few weeks before - using a serious mask like the Origins Clear Improvement the night before will most likey bring all the blemishes to the surface, and also use something like Effaclar Duo [+] from La Roche Posay as a further treatment if need me.

So, prep sorted, now time to scour the mini's in Boots and depot all the skincare stash...


  1. Must try that Origins mask!

  2. I'm going to have to try that heel genius, because my feet are looking rough.. I use Butter Londons Rock Off but I'm not sure if I can tell a difference in my feet lol.
    Great post!


  3. I bought Garnier summer body this weekend and have been really liking it! The tan is a real natural colour :)



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