Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Shoe hauling, again? New look, again? New Look have really been winning on the shoe front recently, and as I am off to Madrid very soon, I thought it'd be a wise idea to get something a little more open in case I don't want to be stuck in my Vans all day long.

I was looking for these for a long time, I originally found some in River Island but Megan got them and I thought I wouldn't copy her (although I do for the majority of other things) and after seeing similar in New Look for £19.99 I was determined to buy them . I saw them in a size 5, stupidly didn't buy them and then they went out of stock everywhere in a 5 and I kind of gave up on them. But... my mum managed to locate some on a trip to the town today and I haven't been so happy about shoes for a while now.

I went for black as I thought they'd go with all of my wardrobe, and I love that they are some sort of sandal-shoe 'cage' hybrid, as I can get away with them when it isn't too warm as well as in the hot weather. I also like that it covers the toe as well, I just seem to like the way it looks, as well as a tiny bit of a heel to make them look more dainty.

I can tell I'll be getting a lot of wear out of these shoes and if I do I may have to pick up the white pair as well...


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