Sunday, 31 August 2014

Whilst browsing Matalan the other day, I found a pair of sunglasses I instantly fell in love with. I never spend much money on sunglasses because I either go off them, or leave them floating around in the bottom of my bag to get scratched. But, despite the £2 sale price tag of these (reduced from £8), I will be keeping them in good condition because they are just too darn nice. Sunglasses rarely suit me, so the fact I'm blogging about this pair is a huge statement.

They have quite a Kourtney Kardashian vibe to them in my eyes (excuse the pun), as they are slightly winged in the top outer corners, and they also don't have any plastic round the bottom which I think makes them look that little bit more chic. The lenses themselves are fairly round, but the black plastic on the top diverts away from this giving them that stunning shape.

I also quite like the gold arms, they just add to the style, and honestly I don't know why but wearing these makes me feel so fashion forward, that I don't want to take them off. These will definitely be coming with me to my trip to America in October, so despite the late purchase, I will be getting my wear out of them.


  1. These sunglasses look amazing, next time I go to Matalan I'm gonna hunt these beauties out! x

  2. £2 that's insane?! I haven't been to Matalan for so long it's so good xxx

    Blonde of carbs

  3. Saw loads of pairs of really nice sunglasses when I went into Matalan too! Got loads of bargains there as well! Looks like their sale was kind to us! xx

  4. These are so cute! they remind me of a pair EssieButton wears in her vlogs
    Allison from


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