Monday, 4 August 2014

During my recent trip to Madrid in a local Sephora, I spotted what could possibly be a summer essential, and for a few euros I couldn't pass it up, and so decided to give it a whirl.

Generally I don't tend to buy into the 'cooling face mist' concept as it is just water in a spray can, but the Sephora Softening Facial Mist has Lotus Extract included so it made the purchase more justifiable as there was a little more added to it. In the heat of Madrid this really did come in handy to spray on my face and sometimes even chest when I was getting a little flustered.

There isn't any alcohol in this so it doesn't dry out the skin, and has a light fresh scent which is quite comforting when you spray it. The spray nozzle dispenses just the right amount of product as a light fine mist - nothing too vigorous or heavy, and absorbs into the skin in a matter of seconds making it perfect for on the go.

I have been using this occasionally when the heat picks up in the UK, but sparingly of course because once again I have found a product I can't purchase here and at the moment as I'm saving for a trip to the US, a Sephora order is just not on the cards...


  1. This sounds lovely!


  2. I really wish Sephora would open some stores in the UK, although I'm not sure my bank balance would agree! xx

  3. Face Mist is definitely a summer essential! I can't survive the summer without using up a bottle or two. This sounds really nice though, too bad that they don't have Sephora in the UK :(

    Olivia xxx Beauty from the Fjord

  4. This sounds great i haven't seen it before but facial mists are top on the list for summer xxx

  5. I did not realize Sephora has facial mist. I might have to check it out.

  6. this sounds great - i didnt know sephora had some!


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