Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Although I don't tend to make it very obvious nor scream and shout about it, I am quite a fan of Kanye West, and sometimes his clothing choices really appeal to me - mainly the all black outfits he sports, and when I spotted these black leather converse esque shoes in New Look for £12.99 I thought they were so Kanye that I couldn't put them back down.

First off, the price of these was nothing that needed serious justification, and for something short of 15 quid for a pair of stylish flats, you can't go wrong. These are very comfortable too, and I already know these will be a staple for the Autumn/Winter. With ripped jeans I can imagine these will look pretty darn good, and being all black they can slot into pretty much any outfit I own.

I literally have no regrets buying these shoes, and prepare to see them featured in numerous outfit posts to come. Now, I have my eyes on the  all white pair...


  1. They were an awesommme price I love them, definitely want some slip ons with this fabric xxx

    Blonde of carbs

  2. Great price, they look comfy - I love New Look! xx

    Ioanna |


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