Sunday, 21 September 2014

You may notice things are looking a little different here on what used to be known as 'The Beau Bow'. For a long time I wanted to tidy things up and get my own domain and finally get my blog how I wanted it, and this weekend was how things kicked off. I will now be known as 'Petite December', on, so I thought I'd do a little intro on what you can expect to see around these parts in the future.

Why the name change?
To be honest, I was getting a little tired of my old name, and I wanted something a little more unique. I am pretty small, hence the 'petite' and I was born in, you guessed it, 'December'. I think its pretty cool and a lot could be done with it banner-wise.

What will you be posting?
I had a strong routine of posting every other day for a solid 6 months or so, but I realised as my time to blog got cut shorter with school work, the quality of the posts was dropping quite dramatically. So, I will probably post 2-3 times a week balancing out beauty with fashion more or less and hopefully the pictures and content in general will be of a higher standard.

I hope you appreciate it might take me a week or so to get to grips with things and perfecting the layout may even take me a couple of months, so bear with the changes if you see any. If any of you know how I can change the URL on my bloglovin' account so I don't have to loose all my followers by claiming the new domain, that'd be very helpful too.



  1. YAY new blog name- awesome! It always makes you feel better to have a change and a spruce up for the better xxx

    Blonde of carbs

  2. I like it, it suits you :) Always good to get the blogging buzz back.

    I've never subscribed to one of these boxes before, but this one looks perfect!



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