Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Recently I began to notice my (cheap and cheerful Argos) wardrobe was becoming a little crowded, unorganised, and just dull looking, and I decided it was time to sort things out - making mental notes as I went along of things I could compile into a post on how to keep your wardrobe looking fresh. Hold your horses, it's a lengthy one.

For some, this might be the most boring and time-consuming step, but for me, I think it really is what gets you motivated for the whole organising process. Now, clear up some floor space, and empty your entire wardrobe, Everything. All the hangers, the clothes, the folded (read: screwed) clothing at the bottom, get them out.

For the hoarders among us, this might be a difficult step, but it basically consists of three piles: Keep, Unsure, and Get Rid. Go through all the clothing you just emptied, and place the things you definitely want to keep (so you can't imagine a life without these pieces, or you wear them all the time) into the 'keep' pile. For the unsure, put the ones you are sitting on the fence about, and we'll revisit them soon.
As for the 'get rid' pile, basically this is a stack of clothes that either don't fit, gather dust at the back of your wardrobe, or just don't fit your style anymore. This can be distributed among younger siblings, charity shops, or friends. You'll be surprised with how much space you'll free up during this step. Now, for the 'unsure', go through again and really think about how often you wear the items, then you will probably end up disposing a few more. A little tip I got from ViviannaDoesMakeup was to put the ones you are still unsure about out of reach, then if you forgot about them for months, they can go, and if you found yourself relocating the hidden pile for a certain item - keep it.

This step might require some DIY, but trust me when I say it's worth it. I actually recruited my dad and his toolbox and together we inserted another rail onto my wardrobe. It was placed near the bottom so I could hang skirts, shorts and jeans/trousers on it - leaving enough room for jackets, dresses and tops on the first original hanger. I also put my hats, scarves (in the patterned hat box), and most worn shoes on top of my wardrobe to free up some more space.

Here's the part that I enjoyed quite a bit. Basically, this is where you put everything you just got out the wardrobe and decided you should keep, back in your wardrobe. I went for a black to white organisation, with the coloured items being placed on the end (there wasn't as many of those being a monochrome lover). On the bottom rail, I went from skirts, to shorts, then to jeans and trousers.

I imagine that this'll be the most loved step of them all, as it involves looking through your newly organised stash of clothes and deciding which items you are lacking in your collection. Make a note of them, and then set some money aside and go and treat yourself to those items. I noticed that I am missing jumpers (which I'll definitely be getting as the weather changes), some flat boots, a coat, and some ripped jeans, as well as noticing I am lacking dramatically in the jewellery department.

So, although a lengthy post, I hope I've inspired you to get organised and as the seasons change, what better time to give your wardrobe some loving.


  1. The space optimising is SUCH a good idea, I need to get my dad up here ;) xxx

    Blonde of Carbs

  2. Fab tips, I actually started this process yesterday, my wardrobe literally spit out clothes every time I opened it and getting dressed was so stressful. Now I can start again fresh and actually enjoy putting outfits together :)
    xxx Claire

  3. ohh gosh I try and do a good clear out twice a year - Spring/Summer then Autumn/Winter and Im gonna be honest, Its not something I particularly enjoy but hey I guess it has to be done ! .I really like step number 5 though, Ill not object to having to go out shopping and buy more stuff .... ;) ahahah

    Caitriona Tighe


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