Friday, 17 October 2014

So, as you may know I am going to the USA (Florida to be specific) in a matter of days when I am writing this post, and I will be there by the time this goes up. I was on the lookout for some joggers or leggings that looked quite nice for the journey, and I stumbled across these in Primark for £7 and I could have squealed.

I saw something similar in H&M for something around the £15 mark which is still quite reasonable, but for finding something cheaper that I still really like the look of, I obviously decided to save a few pounds.

They are a grey wool looking material with black accents like the waistband, heel cuffs and pocket linings, and I really like the style. Being short like myself, it is often difficult to find things like this that still look slim, but these seem to look really nice on me.

Overall, a great bargain and I know these will be my choice of at home loungewear from now on, and if you spot these in Primark, definitely get yourself a pair.


  1. I'm loving that they are bringing out much "cuter" loungewear. I haven't owned a pair in so long due to them being kind of unflattering, but these I could actually see myself wearing out in public.

  2. Oh wow I love these, they are so flattering!I basically wanted a pair to style with some strappy heels xx



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