Monday, 13 October 2014

I was a little skeptical when a package containing 2 Dr Lewinn's products dropped through my door as I'd never really heard a great deal about the brand, other than their nail products which have been hyped by the likes of Lily Pebbles, but I hadn't seen any raves about their skin products, so obviously I thought I'd give them a go and share the feedback.

They are both anti-ageing products, and this isn't something that really bothers me nor interests me, I just use the products for their other purposes other than diminishing the appearance of wrinkles etc. which I'm not really sure I show any of being the age of 15 going on 16.

The first product is the Skin Perfect Anti-Ageing Illuminiser*, which is basically a liquid highlighter. It's a stunning pale champagne colour, which adds a hint of candlelight sheen to the sheekbones, nose and brow bones (and wherever else applied). I tend to use this on these targeted areas using a contour brush or bigger eyeshadow brush, and buff it in, and I will tell you now, it the right light you get some serious glow. I'm yet to try mixing it in with foundation but that does interest me quite a lot so I'll report back on that one.

The second product is the Skin Perfect Anti-Ageing Primer*, which comes in luxurious frosted glass type packaging. It doesn't carry the silicon texture that a lot of my primers have in common, so it's a nice addition to my collection. Although I can't entirely nail what this does specifically for my skin, it makes my base apply far more evenly and it also fades slightly lower, at a more even rate too.

Over all, two pretty good products. In my opinion, I recommend the Illuminiser over the Primer if I were to pick one for you to pick up, but definitely look into it if you are tempted. Have you tried anything from this range before?


  1. I didn't even know they did skincare, I'll be honest, but the illuminizer sounds fab! I'll definitely be giving that one a go, but I don't think that's the particular primer I would pick from the company.

    Sammy xo.


  2. Mmm Anti AGing primer sounds like a good addition to the daily routine!!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

  3. My favourite primer is the Laura Mercier one

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