Friday, 28 November 2014

As I'm sure most of you fellow beauty bloggers know, when you have masses of eye products in so many shades getting ready in the morning can become quite a lengthy process, and my strict schedule before school just simply won't allow for me to be rummaging around the depths of my IKEA Alex for that long, so I've found a good little routine (which I picked up in America) that's keeping me going.

Since I started wearing eyeshadow I never really stopped. My eyes seem to look bare without it and so finding time to slap some on is always a must. I draw on a little of the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Yogurt and blend with a finger, then apply with a fluffy brush some of Milani Beach Sand on top. If I need a little matte crease, I simply take the same brush in my bronzer or contour colour and apply that.

Just as with eyeshadow, I can't miss a slick of liner and a little wing each day and I feel like I look as if I have no eyes whatsoever. This one is the Milani Eye Tech Perfection Pen which has taken a little while for me to get used to, but it seems to get the job done quickly with immense pigmentation so only one coat is needed.

For lashes, my new favourite mascara goes by the name of Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion Waterproof. Length, volume and a nice curl all in one is the only thing I need, and a coat or three of this leaves beautiful lashes without a clump in sight.

What is your go to look at the moment?


Tuesday, 25 November 2014

While in America I had a bit of a spending spree in CVS as well as having a browse and small purchase in Sephora. When I got home I realised my collection of cheek products had grown a little, some high end some drugstore, and I haven't actually used anything else since.

The first I got was the NXY Cream Blush in Natural. I really like the texture of these, they don't get to a powder and they are almost a little tacky to apply, so they look so natural and radiant. The colour is perfect for me too - blush often looks a little cray on me so I tend to go for the subtle offerings.

I managed to find the hyped NYC Sunny Bronzer for a minute price so picked it up right away. I like this one because it's entirely matte - something that goes quite hard to find in the drugstore, and it's also a really nice warm tone. Just go light handed with a duo fibre brush or something because it is pretty pigmented.

The final one is the Nars Laguna and Orgasm duo. I was eyeing this up for a while and I am glad I got it. The blush is similar to one I have from Sleek, just a little less in your face, and the bronzer is a lot more subtle than the NYC offering for me, just because it's slightly cooler (only just). This was $24 and I think it was pretty well spent.


Saturday, 22 November 2014

Inspired by Megan who has the best style you ever did see and seems to 'wake up, flawless' *sings*. I saw that she was sporting a deep green nail polish with gold rings at school one day, so I went and bought the supplies myself.

The rings are all a mix from H&M and cost me a fiver for the lot (although some are a little big so it's a bit hit and miss but I try), and the polishes are now my new favourite things in my nail collection.

The polish in question is Collection's Lasting Gel Nail Colour in Poison Ivy, a stunning deep black green that looks bloody brilliant on long nails, and only costs a mere £3.19 - I used my Boots Advantage Card to pay so I felt even better about the purchase. The topcoat was a TkMaxx gem in the form of Ciaté Speed Coat, a fast drying formula that leaves the nails shiny as ever. I used to be completely hooked on Essie Good To Go until it became unbearably thick and peeled my manicure off in a day, and this has taken it's spot right away. High shine, fast drying and long lasting finish. Need I say more? This was a tiny £3.99 from £11 so that bargain put a smile on my face.

I think the dark green shade has definitely overstepped my burgundy addiction from last year...


Tuesday, 18 November 2014

It's that time again where the dark lips and dark eyes come around, and I swear I love it more and more each year. I'm a huge fan of a dark lip (recommendations please) but sometimes my natural eye makeup takes control and I feel like I need to shift the dark colours to my lids for a change, so I've devised a group of colours I think are a nice way to ease into things.

The first is Smashbox Limitless 15 Hour Wear Cream Shadow in Gemstone. It's fairly subtle, as blended out of the lid it gives a bronze-mauve/reddish tone and I really enjoy it for quick looks when I can't be bothered but want my look to be rather sultry. The other cream is the Maybelline Leather Colour Tattoo in Chocolate Suede which is a rich bronzed brown which I really need to come to terms with using without looking like I've rubbed my eyes too hard. It sets to a semi matte finish with a little shimmer mimicking that leather look, so it's hard to make the blending look good with it being such a dark colour.

As for powder, I find these need a little more work, but you really cannot beat the finished look. The first is KIKO 137 which is a strong red tone, which everyone was going mad for with the likes of Cranberry from MAC last year. I wanted to ease into it at a cheaper price and last year this was one of my favourites to wear on weekends with minimal makeup elsewhere. Finally is MAC Woodwinked; a gold, bronze, copper blend that slapped on the lid and buffed out gives a sheen of warmth that just reminds me of autumn leaves - how poetic, but there is some serious love for these shadows, and I've already cracked them out this year.


Saturday, 15 November 2014

Since spotting a lust-worthy camel scarf in Topshop, I've had my heart set on one for the perfect Autumn/Winter staple. I didn't really was to part with £16 for a scarf, so when I found one in Forever 21 in Florida for $9.80 I couldn't resist and picked it up immediately. It's not incredibly thick, but still its not like the £4 scarves from Primark which are rather thin and slippery. It's the nice weight that you can wear it inside or outside and not be too hot nor cold.

It's a different texture than many other scarves, and my friends told me it looks like a 'potato sack'. Well, they aren't wrong. It looks slightly woven with thicker threads than usual but I really love it. The colour is perfect, it's a little darker than the one I saw in Topshop, but still looks so classic. It's just the sort of scarf I can throw on when I want to be warm but don't want to look like my neck is being consumed by woo. I really love it.

I imagine I'll be getting endless wear out of this - especially when I'm walking to school in the brisk 7:45am cold this winter...lovely.


Tuesday, 11 November 2014

I has a bit of an obsession with hand gel about half a year ago, and to be fair I kind of got bored with my endless stock of Cuticura Passion Flower and Mango. When I was in Bath & Body works I was overwhelmed with the vast selection of fragrances of their PocketBac and I couldn't resist picking up a few.

My personal favourite is Island Margarita, it smells incredible and fresh. I don't actually know what Margarita's smell like, but, it is what I imagine. Fresh, clean and subtly zesty and tangy. Sweet Pea is basically (as the names suggests) a very sweet fruity-floral scent. Caribbean Escape smells fresh but also with a hint of coconut - the typical holiday scent in a hand gel.

The reason I like these so much is that they keep you germ free but don't smell too chemical like other bog standard hand gels, they smell divine so I basically slap these on as regularly as I can. I wish I had got more if I knew they'd be so darn good, I probably would have ended up with drawers full.


Saturday, 8 November 2014

The stages of statement necklaces have more than passed for me, and nowadays I tend to crave the dainty, tiny accents round my collar, and when in America I found some perfect candidates in Forever 21 for the equivalent of about a £1-£2 so I picked up a good little trio.

The first is two rings kind of interlinked into each other. This is different to anything I've seen before so I couldn't resist it of course. I've been wearing this with my beige-y coloured jumper and LOVING it to be fair. I also like to wear this with the tiny triangle necklace as they look rather nice with one shorter than the other. They both have a normal chain, and I love how they look barely-there.

The other is on a different more boxy chain, and is a small 'v'. This one is like others I have seen before but I think it's a good staple to own so of course I chose that one too. I wish I had looked at the other jewellery in Forever 21 as there were some really affordable pieces in there, and if you get a chance to go in there either in London or elsewhere, definitely browse the masses of jewellery.


Tuesday, 4 November 2014

 Photo Credit: The Beauty Pier

On Sunday I had the pleasure to get tickets to see Louise (or Sprinkle of Glitter) on her very first live show, piloted in her home town in Northampton. It wasn't too far of a drive from where I live so I thought it'd be nice to go, along with my best friends Megan and Anna, and Anna's younger sister Rachel.

I'm sure you are aware of the controversy of Youtube Culture and the idea of a meet and greet (standing cold in a queue for two hours to get a brief hug and selfie) didn't appeal to Louise, nor myself, so this setting was perfect. It was a small room, filled with 220 people in the Northampton Guildhall, and there was some Q&A time, a quiz with audience participation, and also some story telling as well as a sing song from Darcy to 'Let it Go' which was just too darn cute. Me and my friends also managed to see some of Louise's closest friends and family as well as Gleam members Dom and Maddie while we queued.

A goodie bag was also given to each member, including balloons, a bottle of water with the Sprinkle of Glitter blog logo on it (which I am using until you can no longer see the writing), a badge, a pen, a pot of glitter (love it) and a signed card all in a canvas bag with the logo on. It was a nice touch and really added to the pre-show excitement. The seats were great and as Louise said there was no need to arrive early as it wasn't a first come first serve basis, and even the back seats weren't far at all from the stage. That's another point - the stage setup. It looked brilliant, and very 'Louise' - balloons, lighting in a purple/pink tone, and her favourite songs playing while we waited for her show. She herself looked smashing too.

At the end we did get time to get a picture and I am looking very pleased in the above photo, obviously reflecting the great time I had. Honestly, I can see this becoming a more widespread thing due to the success of this one, so if you get the chance do go and see it. Congratulations to Louise - she was a delight to watch. *applause*

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