Saturday, 22 November 2014

Inspired by Megan who has the best style you ever did see and seems to 'wake up, flawless' *sings*. I saw that she was sporting a deep green nail polish with gold rings at school one day, so I went and bought the supplies myself.

The rings are all a mix from H&M and cost me a fiver for the lot (although some are a little big so it's a bit hit and miss but I try), and the polishes are now my new favourite things in my nail collection.

The polish in question is Collection's Lasting Gel Nail Colour in Poison Ivy, a stunning deep black green that looks bloody brilliant on long nails, and only costs a mere £3.19 - I used my Boots Advantage Card to pay so I felt even better about the purchase. The topcoat was a TkMaxx gem in the form of Ciaté Speed Coat, a fast drying formula that leaves the nails shiny as ever. I used to be completely hooked on Essie Good To Go until it became unbearably thick and peeled my manicure off in a day, and this has taken it's spot right away. High shine, fast drying and long lasting finish. Need I say more? This was a tiny £3.99 from £11 so that bargain put a smile on my face.

I think the dark green shade has definitely overstepped my burgundy addiction from last year...


  1. Love my I've got a bit of a thing for rings at the min and I love midi rings they look really fashionable but nice


  2. Ooh so pretty - love the rose gold ones!

    Josie XOXO
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