Tuesday, 18 November 2014

It's that time again where the dark lips and dark eyes come around, and I swear I love it more and more each year. I'm a huge fan of a dark lip (recommendations please) but sometimes my natural eye makeup takes control and I feel like I need to shift the dark colours to my lids for a change, so I've devised a group of colours I think are a nice way to ease into things.

The first is Smashbox Limitless 15 Hour Wear Cream Shadow in Gemstone. It's fairly subtle, as blended out of the lid it gives a bronze-mauve/reddish tone and I really enjoy it for quick looks when I can't be bothered but want my look to be rather sultry. The other cream is the Maybelline Leather Colour Tattoo in Chocolate Suede which is a rich bronzed brown which I really need to come to terms with using without looking like I've rubbed my eyes too hard. It sets to a semi matte finish with a little shimmer mimicking that leather look, so it's hard to make the blending look good with it being such a dark colour.

As for powder, I find these need a little more work, but you really cannot beat the finished look. The first is KIKO 137 which is a strong red tone, which everyone was going mad for with the likes of Cranberry from MAC last year. I wanted to ease into it at a cheaper price and last year this was one of my favourites to wear on weekends with minimal makeup elsewhere. Finally is MAC Woodwinked; a gold, bronze, copper blend that slapped on the lid and buffed out gives a sheen of warmth that just reminds me of autumn leaves - how poetic, but there is some serious love for these shadows, and I've already cracked them out this year.


  1. These are fabulous picks! I'm enjoying wearing a bit more on my eyes as we enter winter!


  2. Great post. The Kiko eyeshadow looks gorgeous, definitely this shade is my first choice for fall. Love this color.

  3. All of these shades are so stunning, especially the Kiko one!

  4. Kiko 137 is STUNNING such a bold pretty colour, different to what I would usually choose too xxx

  5. I absolutely adore MAC woodwinked! Such a pretty shade
    Allison from


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