Saturday, 15 November 2014

Since spotting a lust-worthy camel scarf in Topshop, I've had my heart set on one for the perfect Autumn/Winter staple. I didn't really was to part with £16 for a scarf, so when I found one in Forever 21 in Florida for $9.80 I couldn't resist and picked it up immediately. It's not incredibly thick, but still its not like the £4 scarves from Primark which are rather thin and slippery. It's the nice weight that you can wear it inside or outside and not be too hot nor cold.

It's a different texture than many other scarves, and my friends told me it looks like a 'potato sack'. Well, they aren't wrong. It looks slightly woven with thicker threads than usual but I really love it. The colour is perfect, it's a little darker than the one I saw in Topshop, but still looks so classic. It's just the sort of scarf I can throw on when I want to be warm but don't want to look like my neck is being consumed by woo. I really love it.

I imagine I'll be getting endless wear out of this - especially when I'm walking to school in the brisk 7:45am cold this winter...lovely.


  1. Looks lovely sweetie!! Camel seems to be THE thing this autumn/winter might need to jump on that bandwagon myself :) xxxx

  2. I love the colour of this scarf :)

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  3. I love the colour! Top Shop seem to have the most amazing, cosy scarves this season.

  4. I love it - I'm after one almost that exact colour! Trying to knit my own, I may have it by next winter! x

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  5. Great price and such a lovely colour for autumn, great pick lovely xx

    Blonde Of Carbs


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