Tuesday, 30 December 2014

I don't often go to Lush, mainly because there isn't a local one for me, and also because sometimes I simply can't justify £4 odd for a one use bath bomb, which is why I tend to stick to the multi-use bubble bars once the Boxing Day sales come around. This year me and my family endured the sales on the 27th and there was still plenty of Lush smelling goodness left over, and all this stuff cost me a mere £8.21 of Christmas money.

The first thing I found was one I haven't used, the Snowman FUN - a blatant novelty interpretation of the regular FUN that can be used as bubbles, a shower gel alternative, and also as shampoo. I tried FUN last year and this big chunk only cost £2.50 so I thought I'd give it a go. It's fruity sweet scent makes me love this even more. Will I be sculpting a snowman family on the side of the bath? We'll see.

So White was the only bath 'ballistic' I could justify, simply because it's my all time favourite. The crisp apple scent makes my heart skip a beat and it is always exciting to watch this one unveil its pink tint in the depths of my bath water.

A more nourishing alternative is the Melting Snowman - a slightly spicy, cinnamon bath melt that not only looks adorable (despite the lacking carrot nose) but also leaves the skin feeling soft, and the comforting warm aroma of this makes it perfect for the evening relaxation in the colder days. This one was rather cheap, coming in at about £1.20.

Another repurchase from previous years is the Christmas Eve Bubble Bar. This smells rather basic; think soap with added sophistication of ylang ylang and jasmine, making it the perfect remedy for a good nights sleep.  For £1.48 I couldn't resist.

Finally, a personal favourite although not to everyone's taste - Candy Mountain Bubble Bar. This is the one I always set out with the intention to buy; not only is it pretty to look at but personally I cannot resist the sweet, sugary candy floss bubbly scent, and for something short of £1.50 I probably should have picked up another, as I do think the Bubble Bars have the best value, and this one is a bit of a guilty pleasure.

I look forward to my upcoming weeks/months of bathing in the evenings and I might even crack one out tonight...


  1. I ordered a whole load of Lush things which were 50% off online! Such a shame that they charge almost £4 for delivery though :( xxxx

  2. Great haul, I picked up Candy Mountain too. I love LUSH products so much and it's hard to resist the bargains after Christmas.

    Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic

  3. I had a bit of a splurge in Lush yesterday, I've just fallen back in love with their products, but like you, I can't always justify the costs!



  4. looks and sounds like you got some lovely products here! I may have to have a bit of a re-stock myself!

    Heather, porcelainbeautyx


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