Saturday, 10 January 2015

Ripped jeans has been a trend a lot of fashion bloggers have enjoyed throughout last year and going into this year. Personally, I don't have the money to fork out for a pair of pre-ripped jeans as they seem to be more expensive than regular jeans, and having short legs the slits never quite match my knees anyway, so I do it the budget way and DIY it.

The jeans I used were from Primark, their Ultra Soft Super Skinny £11 ones, in the Petite leg. I'm rather short and it's such a struggle to find jeans that I don't have to turn up due to extra length, but these are the perfect fit, and aren't baggy on me at all either. Because they have a slight stretch to them, it made the ripping much more simple, compared to last time where I used a pair with more of a stiff denim.

All I did was mark out where my knees are with tailors chalk I had lying around, and then took the jeans off to make it safer and easier. I cut two small holes and then used my inner strength (I joke) to rip that hole the entire width I had marked. This caused fraying and that distressed look I was going for so I didn't have to go mad with the cheese grater nor tweezers like last time.

After months of searching, it seems I've found the perfect fit of ripped knee jeans in the comfort of my own home.


  1. Where did you make the hole? At the beginning of the line and then you ripped it to the other side, or in the middle of the line and then pulled it out to the sides?
    I was thinking about doing this too, I have this black Primark jeans too, just hanging around, but I'm not brave enough to do it myself :) maybe with the help of this post, I will! :)


    1. Hi Charline!

      I drew put the line, then made a small hole at one end and pulled it across to the other side.

      Hope that helps!x

  2. Oh you did a fab job, I am thinking of doing the same now as I want a pair of black ones but don't want to fork out £30-£40! xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  3. I love them :)

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    little taste of heaven

  4. Ohh cool, They look awesome !. I'd love to give this a go but knowing me Id probably mess it up ahaha x

    Caitriona | Blog

  5. Oooh fab job, I may try this as I have a pair that are on their last legs anyway so if I do something wrong it's not too much of a waste :)
    xxx Claire


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