Sunday, 18 January 2015

After Christmas, when hitting the sales I spotted the Nicki Minaj Onika EDP Gift Set, for a mere £12.50, and couldn't resist it, despite not ever having this perfume on my wishlist before. It was a new release in September this year, and to be honest, the 5ml rollerball was what made me decide to buy this, due to them being so uncommon in the UK.

The packaging (although not to everyone's taste) is something I really love about this fragrance - a simple black and gold bust and head of Nicki herself (or Onika) and this has a proud spot on my wall shelf simply because I love looking at it.

I think this might win the spot of one of my favourite scents now, and I've been reaching for it nearly every day. It's quite sweet, fruity and floral, but the sheer musky notes tie it all together. Nicki herself actually said this scent was designed to promote confidence, due to her sharing her birth name in the title. I've had so many compliments wearing this perfume, and the scent stays around for at least 6 hours on me, which is amazing for such an affordable scent.

 I think when this runs out I might be tempted to repurchase as I love it so much - you will probably catch my sniffing my wrists at any given time in the day...

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  1. I smelt a sample of this and omg I absolutely loved it, I completely forgot about it until this post so I am glad you reminded me xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs


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