Friday, 30 January 2015

This year, I want to start buying minimalist pieces for my wardrobe and begin to create a collection of investment items that I can style into multiple looks, so basically what I am saying is that I want a streamlined wardrobe rather than an overflowing one of bargains that I don't actually wear.

I had a £30 Topshop voucher from Christmas, and I was a bit unsure of what to get and spent a good week checking up online to see if I found anything, which I didn't. I left it and went into a Topshop store a while after, and saw a gorgeous shirt in the maternity section, pretty annoyed I wouldn't fit it, but then I found it hidden behind some other items after a rummage in my size and fit.

This was £29 which I think is a really good price, as the quality is outstanding. It's a chambray cotton shirt; giving the appearance of a light denim, just a lot less heavy and thick, which is why I love this so much. I was initially going to get the white version to satisfy my monochrome wardrobe but I surprised myself by filtering a slight element of colour in. I love the masculine baggy fit (I got a 10) with the only element of shaping being a single pleat in the back.

I am so pleased with this versatile purchase, it literally is love. I think I will find endless looks to pair this shirt with and just typing this makes me want to throw it on.

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  1. Oh that shirt is absolutely lovely, it really suits you xxx


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