Tuesday, 20 January 2015

I didn't get involved with the roll neck trend until very late last year in the boxing day sales, when I spotted this Next forest green chunky roll neck jumper for £10 from £32. Instinctively, I picked it up and ran to the till right away, slightly unsure of how I'd style it but I actually love it. Who knew my wardrobe would spy an element of colour?!

It kind of has a mohair feel to it alongside it being a regular knit, which is quite unusual and one of the things that interested me. It is quite a short jumper, just skimming over my waistline and where my jeans sit, and I think I would have preferred it a little more long-line but it doesn't taint my opinion too drastically. For me, I like to wear this with a low bun or ponytail, black jeans and my leopard skate shoes, but I haven't worn this in an outfit without loving it. 

Buying this jumper has made me want so many more, especially in a crisp white knit, so I best get hunting before the weather gets too warm (I wish) - I type this while my feet are freezing. 

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