Saturday, 21 February 2015

Ask me a couple of years ago, and I would have told you I didn't wear primer, but as time goes on I've grown a bit of an obsession. Recently I've nearly made my way through a Bourjois Luminous Primer Serum, and in conjunction with the glow I like to use something a little more shine absorbing down the T-Zone for a longer lasting finish, and that comes in the form of one of these two on a daily basis.

The first is the Smashbox Photo Finish Oil Free Primer, one I hated at first but my skin got used to it rather quickly and I began to use it daily. I would like to point out that these two are rather silicone based, so bear that in mind as well as your personal preferences. This completely smooths the skin and fills in any pores, so that my chosen base goes on seamlessly. It definitely helps my makeup last much longer especially in the school day where it tends to slide off and on days I forget in a rush I do feel and see the difference.

The PoreFessional by Benefit is not much different, and is the newest to my collection in the primer family, and it's been almost a battle between the two as they are both so similar. This one is slightly peach tinted but doesn't translate onto the skin at all, and it does just a good job at keeping makeup on, and it has the same silicon consistency - something that does not bother me and works for my skin. It's another staple, and I will be sad to see these minis run out and I recon there will be a repurchase on the cards.

To be honest, I recon I will go for whichever option is the best value/cheapest when it comes to repurchasing as honestly, side by side on my hand I cannot tell the difference between them. Which do you prefer, or do you have a budget alternative?


Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Dr Lewinns Anti Ageing Primer / Dr Lewinns Illuminator / Rimmel Matte BB Cream / Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer / Rimmel Stay Matte Powder / ELF Pebble Eyeshadow / Soap and Glory Archery / Avon Eye Primer / Nars Laguna Bronzer (all over lids) / Milani Glimmer Stripes Honey Shimmer (inner lid) / Urban Decay Half Baked (lower lashline) / Stila Smudge Stick in Moray / Benefit They're Real / Sleek Face Form / Gosh Soft n Shine Lip Balm in Barbie

Last weekend I was certainly feeling experimental in the makeup department as I found myself applying a look I'd never tried nor considered in the past, after a root around in my Ikea Alex drawers and discovered a couple of disregarded products.

I actually really liked the khaki liner alongside the strong gold on the lower lashline. The skin was left pretty natural and I tried the Rimmel Matte BB Cream as I had a mini from somewhere lying around but it was actually rather nice, and wasn't what I would call 'matte' just less dewy than other BB Creams that tend to slide off my face anyway.

I'm rather glad I've been a bit more inventive with my makeup recently and I definitely will be trialling a few more looks that if they fit the standard will probably be making an appearance in this 'today's face' series.


Thursday, 12 February 2015

I've always wanted to be a regular work out do-er, but have never had the gear, the effort nor time and to be honest I deemed it as expensive and thought I needed branded clothing and a gym membership. A while back I started doing cardio videos in my living room from Youtube and got into it, but I only vest tops and leggings which served me well but wasn't quite cutting it. I searched around and ended up getting the bulk of my equipment at a really good price.

The Workout Mat you see behind is from Primark, and usually these cost £5 but mine was reduced to a mere £2, so a total bargain. If you can't get a Primark mat, I suggest looking in TkMaxx as I know mine has a lot of fitness wear as well as equipment. I also got a sports bra/top from Asda actually, and this cost me £6 and is a standard grey stretch material that is absorbent as well as giving plenty of support.

The rather exciting trousers/leggings are from Primark too, and these were £7. They were the nicest pair they had in my store, as I didn't want just black and they fit really nicely when I tried them on. They are hard to describe, but they sort of have a monochrome pattern which almost looks like a water marble nail design. These are cropped and sit around my mid shin, although I am 5'4" with short legs so bear that in mind.

I have been really enjoying working out at home with this gear, and I feel much more comfortable doing so too. This lot cost me £15, so is definitely worth it (although I have ordered some Nike Free Runs which could arrive any day now and if I like them/keep them I will certainly to a post on them). Right now I do a mix of dance cardio workouts and a Candice Swanepoel toning workout which really feels effective - you can certainly feel the burn.


Sunday, 8 February 2015

Real Techniques have ruled by brush collection for more than enough time for me to know I love their range, and when this set dubbed Nic's Picks came out I knew I would be getting my hands on it, a range of brushes chosen into a set by a professional herself, in stunning silver packaging - I was sold. Each brush holds a different purpose for me, and I love every single one.

The Duo Fibre Brush is the one I use daily for powdering my base, as it offers a light dusting and does not overpower any of my makeup. This is not dense at all, so you won't be looking flat faced at all, and this brush is a staple from me, and it's also brilliant if you are a bit scared of blush like myself, as it offers just a light sweep of colour.

The Cheek Brush is exclusive to the collection, and from looking at pictures I imagined it to be like the Expert Face Brush, but it is rather different, as it is larger, with longer bristles yet still rather dense (although not quite as much). This is also good for blush, especially cream products and bronzer too as it seems to get the same perfect for my face.

The Angled Shadow Brush is another exclusive to the set, and this is a good one for crease work, especially if you want to define with a matte shadow, as it fits right into the socket. I didn't think I would like this one so much, but I've got quite a lot of use from it and it is super handy for a range of eye looks, from everyday neutral to an intense smokey eye.

The Base Shadow Brush was the one I was really looking forward to trying, as I'd heard so much praise about it, and boy is it good. It applies colour and blends colour seamlessly and honestly if you only had to get one brush, make it this. It's slightly tapered making for easy blending and I use this no matter what look I am going for. It's a winner.

Finally, another exclusive in the form of the Eyeliner Brush, a short, firm angled brush which is superb for a strong gel liner wing, or even for pressing a dark brown or black shadow into the lashline for some less intense definition. I also like this for a strong brow with an eyeshadow, as you can be really precise with your application and with a little extra time you can almost mimic some hair strands as it is such a fine brush.

I certainly have me eye on the bold metals collection too, though I'm not sure my budget will allow for it, but the Flat Contour brush from that range is most certainly on my wishlist.


Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Rimmel Match Perfection / Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer / ELF Pebble Shadow / MUA Brow Pencil (Blonde) / NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil (Milk) / MAC Malt Shadow / Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour Shadow (Truffle) / Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Gel Liner Trio for Brown Eyes (Brown Shade) / Avon Glimmerstick (Blackest Black) / Benefit They're Real / Proactiv Pressed Powder / Sleek Blush (Crochet) / NYC Sunny Bronzer / Soap and Glory Eyeshadow in Vanilla ( - highlight) / Too Faced Perfect Lips Perfect Nude Lip Liner

The other day, I was feeling a simple, matte almost Kylie Jenner inspired face, and so I got to work and had a root around my stash and I was really happy with the finished look, and it's a little odd but I think the blue shirt (post here) and the lightly curled hair really complemented the look too. I liked the brown gel liner as it made things seem less harsh, and surprisingly it actually turned out decent looking, and being someone who swears by a felt tip application that is an achievement.

I don't usually go for a full out matte look because I think it looks rather flat on my face but I really liked the lip colour against the bronzed skin, and it has almost a grey tone to it which I really like. This lip liner really is perfect as the name suggests and is a daily go to. I would have paired it with MAC Faux Lipstick but I've lost it somewhere *sobs*. I really like the simple eyes and I really recommend MAC Malt for either a transition colour or a natural all over the lid shade.

What look have you been wearing this week?

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