Thursday, 12 February 2015

I've always wanted to be a regular work out do-er, but have never had the gear, the effort nor time and to be honest I deemed it as expensive and thought I needed branded clothing and a gym membership. A while back I started doing cardio videos in my living room from Youtube and got into it, but I only vest tops and leggings which served me well but wasn't quite cutting it. I searched around and ended up getting the bulk of my equipment at a really good price.

The Workout Mat you see behind is from Primark, and usually these cost £5 but mine was reduced to a mere £2, so a total bargain. If you can't get a Primark mat, I suggest looking in TkMaxx as I know mine has a lot of fitness wear as well as equipment. I also got a sports bra/top from Asda actually, and this cost me £6 and is a standard grey stretch material that is absorbent as well as giving plenty of support.

The rather exciting trousers/leggings are from Primark too, and these were £7. They were the nicest pair they had in my store, as I didn't want just black and they fit really nicely when I tried them on. They are hard to describe, but they sort of have a monochrome pattern which almost looks like a water marble nail design. These are cropped and sit around my mid shin, although I am 5'4" with short legs so bear that in mind.

I have been really enjoying working out at home with this gear, and I feel much more comfortable doing so too. This lot cost me £15, so is definitely worth it (although I have ordered some Nike Free Runs which could arrive any day now and if I like them/keep them I will certainly to a post on them). Right now I do a mix of dance cardio workouts and a Candice Swanepoel toning workout which really feels effective - you can certainly feel the burn.


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