Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Whilst shopping recently, two features have been attracting me to various clothing items. Camel colours, and suede textures. You can only imagine my reaction when I saw this cami in New Look that comprised both those things into a single item for £9.99.

Of course it isn't real suede, but the quality and handle of the fabric itself is still lovely. The fit of this is incredible too, I was wowed when I saw it on the hanger - and even more in love when I put it on in the changing rooms. It is such a flattering cut and hangs so well on my body. What I adore is how versatile this item is - I can wear it with jeans, shorts or skirts and make it both casual and formal.

The only minor grumble I have with this is that it has a small interfacing round the neckline on both the front and the back - and this tends to pop out the top quite regularly as it's only attached at the top - but I think a good press with the iron and maybe a couple of stitches to tack it own can solve the problem if it really bothers you, but for me I'll just tuck it back in and keep going.

Such a classic piece that I will be wearing for months to come I imagine... maybe I'll pick up the black version too.

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  1. I saw this on the website the other day! It looks so classy, definitely getting all the colours! I love your blog too! X


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