Wednesday, 5 August 2015

As October will mark a biniki-wearing and midriff-baring holiday for me, and I generally wanted to tone up my body I contemplated lots of ideas - a gym membership (which as a 16 year old I could not afford and I wasn't up for using the school facilities) or a workout DVD. Geordie Shore is a guilty pleasure for me and I constantly visit Charlotte Crosby's Instagram for some fitness inspiration, so I guessed the Three Minute Belly Blitz DVD would be perfect for me.

What I like is that it is in sections - three minutes of interval training alternating between cardio and resistance, offering 12 in total alongside a warm up, cool down, 10 minute extra abs section and a diet plan (which I'm yet to fully transfer to as I eat rather healthily already). For someone who gets bored easily with the same routine or doesn't have excess amounts of time, this structure is perfect and it is a really enjoyable routine. Richard Callendar offers motivational words throughout being the creator of the routine, and David Souter offers the step down beginner version in case you need to ease off here and there. Charlotte powers through the routines giving advice throughout and looking great with her blitzed body that keeps you going even though your thighs might be burning. I have no shame in admitting I can quote parts of the DVD...

This is intense, and I will tell you that. I end up in a sweat after every session, desperate for a shower and in the beginning I was in pain for the rest of the day and the day after - but it meant it was working. Although I haven't seen major difference in my body just yet, I seem to look more toned and feel more capable getting through the routines - I started only being able to do 4-6, then moved to 8 and then recently have been able to do all 12, and I'm really pleased with myself for that, and I can't wait to keep comparing photos as I stick to it for longer.

Overall, I truly recommend this - for £14, all you need on the side is a mat and sports gear that can be easily purchased from Primark to begin with, and the space to do it. I actually begin to look forward to doing this routine and I'm sure my friends are sick and tired with my constant updates every three minutes...


  1. Oooh I might give this a go, I am obsessed with 'celeb' exercise videos, I've already done Josie's and Davina's and sometimes it's nice to switch up a routine xx

  2. I've seen the cd the other day at Co-operatives and I was really curious whether it works or not. Charlotte and Vicky are my absolute motivations, so I reckon I'll give it a go. Need to get my shitz together and start paying more attention towards my body. If not now then when? xx


  3. I've never really been one for workout DVDs but defiantly going to give this one a go as I always hear such positive reviews!


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