Sunday, 20 December 2015

If there is one thing my wardrobe has been lusting for quite some time, make it a bomber jacket. Since they became a trend I've adored the style of them, and at last I filled the space (or lack of) in wardrobe with this khaki number.

This bomber was a TkMaxx find, but I've spotted several across the high street in varying colours. I felt like khaki was a bit of a common colour for a bomber and was what kind of put me off ever getting one in the first place, but as I tried it on in store it wasn't something I could leave behind, especially for the mere £25 it cost me.

I think khaki was a better move for me than a black one, because 90% of my wardrobe is already black and I feel like it therefore works with most of my all black ensembles while straying from an all black ensemble at the same time, yet still is a pretty good colour in terms of being wearable. It seems to be reached for rather regularly already so I can only see this becoming the firm favourite in terms of jackets from now on, even perhaps replacing me love for my leather jacket.


  1. This is such a nice bomber jacket I love the colour - suits you!

    Lucy |

  2. Your bomber is of high quality and looks good. I saw it in review if I'm not mistaken. You can wear it on a daily basis and I like this.


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