Wednesday, 23 December 2015

I'm pretty sure we have all seen the endless pictures of Kendall Jenner accompanied by #mycalvins and either openly or secretly wished we owned a pair to flaunt in the way she does. I was lucky enough to get a white Calvin Klein bra 'crop top' for my birthday and 2 weeks later I'm here to persuade you all to buy one for yourselves.

1. The comfort
Because this is kind of like a sports bra cut, forget the underwire, overly tight straps and hook and eye closures that cannot be undone with one hand, it is potentially the most comfortable thing I have worn. Of course it doesn't give as much support as a regular bra, but just don't wear this for the days you are marching round town doing Christmas shopping.

2. You can wear it literally anywhere
I have never been a person to wear a bra while sleeping (I know there is argument about whether you should, or shouldn't and what is best for you, but I just cannot be dealing with that discomfort when I'm trying to sleep), but this is one that is somewhat acceptable to wear in bed because of the comfort. I won't lie, it is pretty liberating to be wearing this and a pair of shorts in bed. I will wear this around the house aswell, and the days it is in the wash are sad ones.

3. It still looks good no matter how, or where you wear it (plus you feel bloody brilliant in it)
For me, this stands as my favourite bra now, forget the fancy lace numbers with all the enhancements - this is bra I feel the best in by a mile. For my age, and petite size I have quite large boobs, and I don't really enjoy the way they look most the time (of course those with a smaller pair will say the opposite and wish for them), but in this bra that isn't the case. This white one is a little on the sheer side in certain lighting (something to bear in mind if you are wearing it out), but it doesn't stop me rocking it on the daily.

If I haven't sold you these enough, take the fact that I am putting aside a chunk of my next paycheck to treat myself to both the grey and the black versions as your final hint...


  1. I've had my eye on a Calvin Klein bra - I think you may have convinced me to purchase one because it sounds amazing, I'm all up for comfort!

    Lucy | www.foreverseptemberr.blogspot.co.uk

  2. I think sport bras are the best bras. Well, you won't wear it under a cocktail dress, it's true, but for everyday usage they are perfect. I'll be honest, I've never had a Calvin Klein one, but even so they are very nice. Just now I'm writing UK essays review wearing a sport bra))


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