Sunday, 5 June 2016

Topshop Waverly Wayfairer Sunglasses - £14

Usually, Primark sunglasses get me through the summer months mainly because I can't bare to spend more than £3 on a pair of sunnies that I'll probably leave in my bag to get scratched, lose, or even sit on and crush (talking from actual experience for that one). But, this year I happened to be looking in Topshop and fell in love with a frame I couldn't leave behind. 

I can't find the exact pair online but they are the Waverly Wayfairer frame style and there's a couple of other 'prints' if you will. I didn't think £14 was bad at all, and the fit of these is perfect. I have quite a slim face so I tend to get swamped by glasses but these are perfect. I had a pair similar last year but all black - this time I opted for still a black pair but they have a faint floral/palm print within the frame too which just adds an extra touch. 

To be quite honest, I've even been eyeing up another pair in this style online but I'm not sure I can allow myself to make the purchase, considering these are so loved anyway. I genuinely don't think it is possible for me to fall out of love with these, because they literally work with every item of clothing in my wardrobe. Never a complaint. 

I've found a similar pair here, just with a thinner frame, but to be honest I prefer these. Have a browse of the Waverly Wayfairer style and let me know your opinion. 


  1. These are beaut! I always tend to go for bigger sunglasses but I've found only the round ones suit my face, these look lovely on you! Xx

    Jen |

  2. Love these glasses and your right, Primark has some amazing styles to choose from. Also, LOVE your hair <3

    Hannah xxx

  3. These sunglasses are soo lovely!

    Lucy | Forever September


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