Sunday, 4 September 2016

Apologies, for two things. Firstly, the awful phone quality pic up there, and secondly the lack of posts. The start of last month was pretty awful for me, I got dumped, and a few days later ended up with someone in the back of my newly bought little Kia Piccanto (first car, my heart breaks). But towards the end of the month, things were looking up - I passed my driving test, got the grades I wanted in my AS Levels and then, got my hair chopped and I honestly feel the best I have for months. Sometimes you need changes like these to realise how much better off you can be.

So, because I haven't shown off my new hair enough, there's a nice collage up there for you. This is a major change since for ages I was adamant I was growing my hair super long, but I think this blunt chop suits me and my personal style so much better.
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