2016 INTO 2017

Monday, 2 January 2017

It is safe to say, I've neglected this for quite some time. I posted copious amounts of update posts always promising to get back on track and I never did. There were two reasons for that; I've been extremely busy, and I just wasn't feeling it. 2016 was the busiest year to date, but guaranteed 2017 will be busier - although balance is something I need to work on and so hopefully posts will be far less sparse. In terms of not feeling it, I started to just feel like blogging was all too much the same, and felt forced, and in terms of myself I've changed a lot compared to the beginning of 2016 let alone to when I began this blog in about 2013.

This year is a big one, I've applied to uni and will be off somewhere in England to study History this September/October, and I've got so much planned to enjoy, with the best people I could ever ask for. Hopefully, this motivation keeps as high as it is now, because in all honesty, I really need it.

As I plan to be at least, I'll be back soon.
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