Thursday, 11 October 2018

Earlier this year, I decided to make a transition in my life and being a journey towards a vegan lifestyle. Although I can't claim to be fully vegan yet in terms of general lifestyle (more on this later), my diet has fully transitioned and I have been eating vegan/plant-based since the end of February this year. I had been putting off posting this for a while now as I had no idea how people would react to it, however with so many big talks on climate change and the environment over the past couple of days I could not delay it any longer - as a plant-based diet may offer some solutions to these pressing problems.

After facing various struggles over the past year or two I began to become less motivated about blogging, however I thought this transition towards veganism would be a perfect way to restart and become passionate about this again. Even more so because I am still on the path towards full veganism - being a uni student I just can't afford to throw away all my makeup and toiletries and buy new ones (I also think wasting current products creates another problem), so my process so far is when things run out I am replacing them with cruelty free products over time, and in the future my full collection will eventually be fully cruelty free. This way, I can use my blog to trial and test cruelty free makeup and prove that it is possible and affordable to make slight changes like these - as there are so many things on offer now.

My aim for this new blogging journey isn't to be overly preachy, nor critical of people who make certain changes and not others - in my opinion any change has the opportunity to make a difference and so this shouldn't be scrutinised (something that I have witnessed a lot within the vegan community). In this current period where change needs to happen in order to save the planet, this is a time for encouraging (not forcing) people to look into veganism/being plant-based, rather than attacking those who make small changes rather than the full change. So with this being said, the future of my blog will share recipes, as well as beauty and fashion products as I did before with a focus on the cruelty free/vegan market.


  1. Good on you. I'm quite interested in eating less meat, probably a Mediterranean diet. My struggle will be with my teenage lads who think eating meat is a vital part of their male, human identity. I defend their right to eat meat, just not the belief that it is a requirement of them.
    I'll be interested to read what's been tricky for you, and how you overcame the hurdles. My drive is a health and environmental one rather than animal welfare. I try to eat more ethically produced meat anyway, but less of it will have a positive impact on animal welfare too.

    1. Thank you! It's a shame they feel that way about eating meat - perhaps show them some examples of men who do bodybuilding etc. on a plant-based diet? I'll definitely look into writing a 'lessons learned whilst being vegan' kind of post with what was a struggle and how I dealt with that!


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