Sunday, 6 January 2019

One of the most daunting things about transitioning to a vegan diet is finding the best plant-based alternatives to the staple items in your kitchen. Finding the perfect plant milk is one of these, as many are more effective for certain purposes than others, and this guide will seek to help when choosing which milk to opt for. There is no point in assuming these will taste like dairy milk in any way, because they don't, but when you find the right ones they are delicious.

Cereal/porridge: for this, you can essentially use any plant milk on the market as they all compliment cereal in different ways, and in reality this one just depends on your personal preference. My favourite for cereal is hazelnut milk as it has a really rich and unique flavour which adds something extra to your cereal, but when I don't have this at home I just reach for whatever is available. If you want to really treat yourself, try chocolate soya milk in porridge. Sweetened versions of plant milks usually work best for pairing with cereal.

Hot drinks: this is something that scares off a lot of new vegans as the milk can seem to almost separate when in a hot drink - this isn't actually anything to be bothered by but it's understandable to not want this. If this bothers you, try the Oatly Barista edition milk, it's specially made for hot drinks and also I find oat milk to be the one which doesn't alter the taste of tea or coffee - and avid hot drink lovers will appreciate this I'm sure.

Cooking: milk can often be a component to many recipes in cooking and this of course needs to be chosen correctly to avoid the risk of the flavour being thrown off. For curries, always opt for coconut milk as it works the best and is commonly used anyway even in non-vegan dishes (or, try the Oatly cream for something even creamier). For use in making sauces - for example a vegan cheese or alfredo sauce, I stand by oat milk once again, or rice milk works pretty well too. Maybe opt for unsweetened versions to ensure the taste isn't off.

Baking: this is another that generally can universal, however my favourites are almond milk and oat milk. You can adapt the milk flavour to the recipe you're creating too, and even could use chocolate soya or almond milk when you're baking something chocolate flavour for extra richness. A lot of recipes for baking require you to mix the milk with cider vinegar to create a 'buttermilk' type thing, so sometimes this can change the taste - so perhaps don't be too concerned with what type of milk you choose here.

Hopefully this makes things a little easier when deciding your plant milks of choice, and let me know your favourites in the comments! I'm always up for trying new brands and types considering so many new products get released these days.


  1. This is so helpful. I usually just use almond milk but would like to branch out and try some different ones. Definitely like the sound of using hazelnut milk on cereal!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Thank you! I'm glad it was useful to you - definitely try out the hazelnut milk it's delicious! x

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